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Professional Development

Professional development in Brookline is defined as learning that increases/improves educators' knowledge and/or skills, enabling them to increase the achievement of all students while eliminating achievement gaps. Effective professional development activities are collaborative, reflective, linked to the school and system goals, and focused on student learning.

Professional development in the Public Schools of Brookline is characterized by the following key elements, all supported by research:

  • A focus on student learning needs as informed by classroom, school and system data
  • Improvement of educational practice through self-assessment and feedback on authentic educator and student work
  • Collaborative relationships and processes that provide opportunities to engage in joint work and to tap the collective knowledge of the group
  • Reflective dialogue that offers individuals a challenge to their thinking as well as new perspectives on their practice and beliefs
  • A commitment to on-going work, implementing new learning, and documenting educator and student growth


Keeping these elements in mind, there are many professional learning opportunities provided by the Public Schools of Brookline for educators as they design professional development plans that further their learning and address their students' needs.

Information for Teachers

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has set requirements for all educators to renew their professional licenses in a five‐year cycle. At the start of each five‐year cycle, educators develop a professional development plan in collaboration with their supervisors. This plan is called an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP). The educator must state his/her goals during the current cycle; 80% of the goals in an IPDP must align with existing school and system goals. The supervisor signs off the plan, thus indicating agreement with the goals.

From this point on, educators engage in professional development activities offered within or outside of the Public Schools of Brookline, with the supervisor's awareness and support. Planning for, engaging in, and keeping the records of professional development activities and PDPs are the responsibility of the educator. The IPDP form is available from the educator's supervisor, in the Contract, and on the Brookline Professional Development website.

Go to the Brookline Professional Development website

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Professional Development Council

The mission of the Professional Development Council (PD Council) is to provide integrated and coherent professional development to all educators in the Public Schools of Brookline in order to improve the achievement of all students. The Council identifies and investigates issues of professional development and proposes learning experiences that will enhance educators' skills and knowledge. It is the responsibility of the PD Council to be a visionary advocate for professional development in the Public Schools of Brookline.

Learn more about the 2010-2011 Professional Development Council

Other Important Links

Professional Development Master Plan

Public Schools of Brookline Professional Development Website

The mission of the mandatory district-wide Induction and Mentoring Program is to support beginning and new-to-district teachers during their first three years in the Public Schools of Brookline. The program matches an experienced educator (mentor) with an incoming teacher, and both the incoming teacher and the mentor engage in various forms of professional development that foster growth in their own practice and in the learning of their students. Their learning is supported by the building principal, grade level or department colleagues, and the K-8 Curriculum Coordinators, K-12 Curriculum Coordinators and 9-12 Department Coordinators.

The Induction and Mentoring Program strives to create an environment where collegial, reflective practice is the norm, and where students, teachers and administrators build a community of reflective and self-directed learners. It is built on the premise that incoming teachers - as adults - know themselves as learners, have a natural, inherent potential to learn, and will be motivated to work collaboratively with their mentors to create the kinds of learning that will improve their practice and improve student learning. Thus, support is individualized, based on the needs of the incoming teachers and their students.

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Program Administration

Tracy Paradise
Teacher Leader for Professional Development
PH  (617) 730-2354
FAX (617) 264-6451
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