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Induction and Mentoring

The mission of the mandatory district-wide Induction and Mentoring Program is to support beginning and new-to-district teachers during their first three years in the Public Schools of Brookline. The program matches an experienced educator (mentor) with an incoming teacher, and both the incoming teacher and the mentor engage in various forms of professional development that foster growth in their own practice and in the learning of their students. Their learning is supported by the building principal, grade level or department colleagues, and the K-8 Curriculum Coordinators, K-12 Curriculum Coordinators and 9-12 Department Coordinators.

The Induction and Mentoring Program strives to create an environment where collegial, reflective practice is the norm, and where students, teachers and administrators build a community of reflective and self-directed learners. It is built on the premise that incoming teachers - as adults - know themselves as learners, have a natural, inherent potential to learn, and will be motivated to work collaboratively with their mentors to create the kinds of learning that will improve their practice and improve student learning. Thus, support is individualized, based on the needs of the incoming teachers and their students.


The Induction and Mentoring Program is specifically designed to support, assist and encourage beginning and new-to-district teachers to:

  • Provide meaningful, engaging, quality education to their students
  • Attend to the Public School of Brookline’s Core Values of high academic achievement for all students, excellence in teaching, building and maintaining collaborative relationships, and sustaining respect for human differences
  • Become reflective practitioners who monitor and adjust their practice to improve student learning
  • Increase their professional expertise
  • Establish collegial relationships that will last over time
  • Remain in the teaching profession and continue the Public Schools of Brookline’s tradition of excellence

Induction and First Year Mentoring Program

Incoming teachers and their mentors participate in one of two programs: PreK-8 teachers are assigned a mentor, and are supported by a building based Mentor Facilitator who coordinates the support of mentors and new teachers in their buildings. High School teachers are assigned a mentor, and also participate in a program titled Teachers Mentoring Teachers, coordinated by high school teachers Meghan Kennedy-Justice and Robert Grant.

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Second and Third Year Mentoring Program

K-12 teachers who are beginning their second and/or third year in Brookline as are invited to participate in this professional development initiative, which fulfills the Massachusetts State Department of Education’s requirement that teachers participate in fifty hours of mentored professional development after their Induction year. Participants deepen their content knowledge, expand their pedagogical repertoire, strengthen their capacity to be reflective, and develop the skills and habits necessary to collaboratively examine their practice.

This mentoring and professional learning initiative matches an experienced educator with a small group (approximately 6-8) of second and third year teachers. The experienced educator acts as a mentor, advisor and coach whose primary responsibility is to help the group build a community of reflective, self-directed learners where collegial, reflective practice is the norm. The initiative is built on the premise that beginning teachers - as adults - know themselves as learners, have a natural, inherent potential to learn, and are motivated to engage in learning that improves their practice and student learning.

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Program Administration

Tracy Paradise
Teacher Leader for Professional Development
PH  (617) 730-2354
FAX (617) 264-6451
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it