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Performing Arts

Interim Coordinator: 
K-12 - Kenny Kozol   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Performing Arts Department is comprised of three allied arts: Dance, Drama and Music.  Each K-8 school has music instruction for all students in Grades 1-8.  Students receive drama instruction in some schools.  Elective band, orchestra and choral ensembles begin in grade 5.  The Performing Arts Department at the High School has courses in Dance, Drama, and Music.

Learning in grades K-8 focuses on the development of those skills and concepts that are central to making music and performing plays, and on experiencing music and dramatic productions to their fullest.  Students are presented with problems that promote artistic thinking and understanding.  In music, student learn to sing, play instruments, listen to and describe music, compose music, and critically think about their work and the music of others.  In drama, students learn to act, write scripts, analyze and describe dramatic productions, and critique their work.  The assessment of student learning and growth is based on performance.  As students develop their skill and understanding, they are continually asked to demonstrated their achievement through real life tasks that reflect society's values in the arts.

At the High School, the arts experience is viewed as essential for every student's complete development and education.  The Performing Arts Department believes that all students can experience the joy of creating and the self-confidence that comes from the development of skills and the process of performance.  The four allied Performing Arts areas - Choral Music, Dance, Drama, and Instrumental Music stress the importance of:

- fostering a lifelong appreciation of the arts as performers and audience
- critical thinking and analytical skills as they relate to the arts
- creative problem solving
- discipline, practice, and persistence

The Performing Arts Department is committed to guiding students to apply what they have experienced and learned through the arts to other aspects of their lives.

Learning Expectations

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Performing Arts Program Review

Every curriculum and program area is involved in a continuous Program Review process. Phase I and Phase II of Program Review include an examination of the current state of the program/curriculum area and the development of an action plan for program improvement. Implementation of the action plan and on-going data gathering are the work of Phase III/IV. Links to Phase I and II reports and presentations to the School Committee are provided below.

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