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Early Education Program



BEEP Preschool
Preschool serves young children who are two year six months old (2.6) as of September 1st to three years four months (3.4). This is a one year program designed for this age group. Children move to pre-kindergarten the following year.
BEEP Pre-kindergarten
Pre-kindergarten serves three and four year olds in a mixed age group. Children who enter as three-year olds continue for a second year as four-year olds prior to kindergarten entry. Children who enter as four-year olds attend for one year prior to kindergarten.

BEEP Information

The Early Childhood Program provides comprehensive, developmentally appropriate , inclusive educational opportunities to the children of Brookline. The Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP) consists of 19 programs serving 275 children. BEEP Pre-kindergarten programs are two year programs and serve children ages 3-5. The BEEP Pre-school programs are one year programs that serve children ages 2.6 to 3.5. All programs follow the same Profile of Developmental Goals and Curriculum Content to design the early childhood experience. The inclusive preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms typically have a teaching staff of one early childhood master teacher and two support staff for 15-17 students. Each classroom is designed to meet the individual needs of young children with and without an identified special need.Therapists work with teachers to provide appropriate services within the classroom and to enrich the learning opportunities for all.