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Brookline School Location Map

School Locator

The "Where Am I?" Resident Information Site details:

Transportation Availability
Historic Resources
Town Offices
Voter Information and Locations
Open Space
Regulatory Information

Choose the street name and the number of the location. Once chosen, the "Where Am I?" system will provide the address, distance to, and map of the above items.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 

When does the School Day start? 

How do I register for school? 

What are Buffer Zones?

Classroom Picture

 Elementary Registration

K - Grade 8: Parents and legal guardians may arrange to register your child(ren) by contacting your district school to make an appointment. STUDENTS MUST BE 5 YEARS OF AGE ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 31 TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT.

Grade 9 - 12: Parents can register students at Brookline High School, 115 Greenough Street, Brookline, Massachusetts. Registration is by appointment only. Please call Linda Wentzell, Registrar at 617-713-5006. Do not mail registration forms to schools. All registrations must be done in person.

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Grade 9 through 12

Early Childhood

The Brookline Early Education Program is an outgrowth of the Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP), a ten year research project demonstrating that quality education for young children enhances their later success in school. All teachers who work in BEEP classrooms are employed by The Public Schools of Brookline and hold degrees and certification through the Department of Education. Parent fees, grants and the Public Schools fund these programs.

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Extended Day Programs

For information regarding Brookline Extended Day, please click below.

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Curriculum Overviews

Do you want to know what your child(ren) will learn in Brookline? Take a look at our curriculum overviews for a comphrensive educational overview by grade.