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Public Schools of Brookline - Vision, Mission, and Core Values

The Public Schools of Brookline provide education to pre-school through twelfth grade students in eight elementary schools and one comprehensive high school. In addition to traditional academic programs, the Public Schools of Brookline offer continuing education courses, summer school, enrichment programs, and numerous athletic opportunities.

Public Schools of Brookline: Ten Year Vision

     - Dynamic
     - Collaborative
     - Equitable
     - Engaged with the Community
     - Contributing to the World

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Vision Statement

Brookline provides an extraordinary education for every child. Each child’s unique path to achievement is supported in academically exciting and programmatically rich environments. A dynamic, diverse community of teaching professionals works collaboratively, innovating and inspiring each other and their students. Staff gets to know students intellectually, developmentally and culturally. Students are encouraged to question and challenge ideas and participate as active citizens. Schools use a variety of assessments to get the fullest picture of student learning and growth over time. These data are shared regularly with the community, and they form the basis of how we understand and improve student, teacher and administrator performance. Parents are partners with the schools in supporting their children’s education, and schools communicate effectively so that parents are confident of the response to their child’s circumstances and needs. The community, well informed and involved in the schools, supports these efforts that continue a tradition of challenging ourselves to do better, efforts that ensure the enduring value of a Brookline education.


Our mission is to ensure that every student develops the skills and knowledge to pursue a productive and fulfilling life, to participate thoughtfully in a democracy, and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.

Core Values

High Achievement for All

Our schools are dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who work hard, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. We emphasize high expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of achievement, especially in academics, arts, sports, social skills and civic participation, all of which prepare students for success in their lives after high school.

Excellence in Teaching

Passionate, knowledgeable, skillful teachers are the core strength of our school system. We expect our faculty and staff to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for students. Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between faculty and students and is nurtured by collaboration among colleagues. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.


Through collaboration we find new sources of learning and strength. The Public Schools of Brookline actively promote collaborative relationships. We seek out partnerships with community organizations that add value to our school system. We urge and support collaboration and exchange within and across our school community.

Respect for Human Differences

We are committed to acknowledging and celebrating the diversity within our community while affirming the importance of our common humanity. By promoting a safe environment for questioning and challenge, we foster the growth and value that comes from different perspectives, cultures and experiences. Our commitment is to create an atmosphere of safety in which to acknowledge and express difference while advancing true acceptance and respect for all.

Educational Equity

The Public Schools of Brookline are committed to identifying and eliminating barriers to educational achievement in our schools. To this end, we create policies and practices that are fair and just and provide educational opportunities to ensure that every student, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, disability, or economic status, meets our standards for achievement, participation and growth.