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Brookline School Location Map

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Transportation Information



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The Public Schools of Brookline has two transportation vendors:


Eastern Bus Company
Eastern Bus Company operates the four (4) yellow school buses for home to school, athletic, and field trips.

YCN Transportation
YCN Transportation operates the in-town and out-of-town student services transportation.  In addition, YCN operates bus routes that are difficult to service with a yellow school bus.

Contant: Mary Murphy,Transportation Coordinator


Early Childhood

 The Brookline Early Education Program is an outgrowth of the Brookline Early Education Project (BEEP), a ten year research project demonstrating that quality education for young children enhances their later success in school. All teachers who work in BEEP classrooms are employed by The Public Schools of Brookline and hold degrees and certification through the Department of Education. Parent fees, grants and the Public Schools fund these programs.

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Extended Day Programs

For information regarding Brookline Extended Day, please click below.

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Special Education

Special education services throughout the district address the needs of identified learners with disabilities between the ages of three (BrooklineBEEP.org) and twenty-two, who require specialized instruction to support access to the curriculum. A wide range of services is provided to meet the individual needs of students, from academic intervention to related services in areas such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Availability of therapeutic services for students requiring special education intervention in the realm of social, emotional and adjustment areas is present at all schools and levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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