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Driscoll School Nurse: Marianne Dewing 
Phone: 617-879-4257
Fax: 617-739-7502 attn: Marianne Dewing
email: marianne_dewing@psbma.org

 Nurse Notes Spring 2016
As we spend more time outdoors, be sure to be mindful about ticks. You can learn more here: Is There a Tick on You? and below:
Tick bite flyer  
Nurse Notes Fall 2015
A few times a year, I like to check in by way of a written communication with news from the health office.  You have an open invitation to be in touch with specifics for your child’s health needs at school and would strongly encourage communication, especially, if a problem arises.

I’d like to say thank you for the prompt response for health forms and up to date immunizations. Each fall, I am required to report that all immunizations are compliant with Mass State law. It is really helpful to have a copy of your child’s most recent physical from year to year.

Thank you for keeping the school informed of illness reasons. Thus far we have had isolated cases of head lice, stomach viruses and upper respiratory illnesses.  Please consider the Flu vaccine in your family and review safe practices of frequent hand washing, cough etiquette, and staying home when sick to minimize the spread of germs. I review the attendance daily to identify individual/collective data for tracking absences and illness areas.

Each year, vision and hearing screenings are done in the fall (vision: grades k-6 / hearing: grades k-3 and gr 6) Screenings are not diagnostic. You will receive a referral notice if your child does not meet the minimum standard on the screening to follow-up with a specialist. Please return the form to school when that appointment is completed.  If you have seen a specialist in the past and your child has glasses, follow the recommendations of that specialist regarding follow-up.

In order to provide accommodations at school for injury, illness, concussions, a physician documentation of injury, illness, restrictions must be provided to school...

Encouraging good sleep habits, healthy eating, daily active time, limited screen time and balance of structured and unstructured social / emotional time to maintain Healthy body and mind ready to learn.

Please monitor your child’s activities of daily living. Hygiene and habits of daily care of body and hair, brushing/flossing teeth, cleaning and trimming nails, clean underclothes and socks , are habits and need to be encouraged on a regular basis until they are routine.

Please continue to be vigilant in checking your child for evidence of nits/ lice. Reminders not to share hats and personnel items for hair can help.

Keep your eyes tuned to PTO for town presentations for parenting  topics. 

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