• Brookline High School Expansion Project Overview

    Brookline High School is currently experiencing the initial wave of rapid enrollment growth that will increase the student body from 1,800 students in 2015, to at least 2,600 or more students by 2023. Anticipating this growth, the School Committee, School Department, and Board of Selectmen have been moving forward on developing expansion plans. In December 2016, the Board of Selectmen appointed members of the Building Committee for the Brookline High School Expansion Project.  Please see Upcoming Public Meetings for the meeting schedule of the BHS Building Committee.
    On May 23, 2017, Town Meeting approved funding for the Schematic Design Phase of the project which will begin in summer 2017. During Schematic Design, more detailed interior and exterior designs will be developed and shared publicly to get school staff and community input. With Town Meeting approving funding for a Schematic Design Phase, the Town is now in the process of hiring an architect to conduct Schematic Design services. A Committee of Seven has been named, and has released Request for Qualifications (RFQ) packages. These are due on Tuesday, June 13th. The Committee of Seven meets on Thursday, June 16th to decide which firms will be interviewed. Interviews will take place on June 28th. Members of the Committee of Seven are the following individuals: Nancy Heller, David Pollak, Helen Charlupski, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, Ken Kalplan, George Cole, and Karen Breslawski.
    To email a question or a comment regarding the BHS Expansion, please click here. All comments will be shared with the Building Committee and the School Committee. To sign up to receive regular email updates on the BHS Expansion, click here and select the "Building Committee for Brookline High School Expansion Project" option. For the full schedule of meetings, please see the Upcoming Public Meetings section.
    Charge and Membership of the BHS Building Committee

    There shall be established a Building Committee for the Brookline High School Expansion Project. In keeping with recent practice on the Devotion School project, this committee shall be modeled using the MSBA Building Committee guidelines as a starting point. The Committee shall consist of a member of the Building Commission, Board of Selectmen and School Committee, each selected by their designated boards, who together shall serve as co-chairs of the Committee. The other members of the Committee shall be as listed below. The Board of Selectmen, working with the Town Administrator and staff, shall provide candidates to fill the Park and Recreation Commission representative and the two greater BHS community positions. The Superintendent, working with the Headmaster, shall provide candidates to fill the two parent community representatives, the dean representative and the student representative positions. The slate of members shall be ratified by the Board of Selectmen and the School Committee.
    • The Building Committee shall advise and support the Building Commission, Board of Selectmen and School Committee in connection with their authority and responsibilities for the construction and alteration of town buildings and structures under Article 3.7 of the General By-Laws of the Town of Brookline.
    • The Building Committee shall also be the main body responsible for engaging and informing the public on the project.
    • The Building Committee shall work with the Project Manager and consultants in support of the project. The Project Manager shall attend all the meetings of the Building Committee and serve as the Committee’s staff person.
    • The Building Committee shall be concerned with all aspects of the project including budget, schedule, safety, public relations coordination of town agencies, logistics, and contract compliance.



    George Cole

    Co-Chair - Building Commission

    Nancy Heller

    Co-Chair - Selectmen

    Susan Wolf Ditkoff

    Co-Chair - School Committee

    Nancy O'Connor

    Park and Recreation Commission Member

    Ian Roffman

    School Parent Community Representative

    Jordan Meranus

    School Parent Community Representative

    Matthew Oudens

    Greater BHS Community Representative

    Bobbie Knable

    Greater BHS Community Representative

    Mel Kleckner

    Town Administrator or designee

    Daniel Bennett

    Building Commissioner or designee

    Andrew Bott

    Superintendent of Schools

    Mary Ellen Dunn

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Administration and Finance

    Nicole Gittens

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Teaching and Learning

    Anthony Meyer

    Brookline High School Headmaster

    Jenee Ramos

    Brookline High School Dean

    Nicholas Gerszten

    Student Representative

    Ray Masak

    Project Manager, Building Department

    How We Got Here and Earlier Work

    December 2017 - May 2017: During this time, the Feasibility Phase of the project was conducted. The BHS Building Committee worked with HMFH Architects to consider design alternatives and preliminary costs, and considered four possible paths for expansion and renovation, as well as numerous design options. Option 4D was selected as the Preferred Design on Wednesday, May 3. Prior to voting for the Preferred Design, the Building Committee held seven public meetings. In addition, the committee hosted two community meetings and two public hearings where community members provided input and asked questions. The design for Option 4D maintains one, unified campus for BHS by adding a 9th grade building on Cypress Street, creating a new Science and STEM center on the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets, and renovates existing classroom and common spaces in the main building. The additions will help create a small school feel for 9th graders as they transition from our elementary schools, while allowing them to access arts, athletic, and upper-level courses across campus. Facility upgrades at the main building will allow for state of the art science facilities and enable integration across disciplines and collaborative spaces for all grades.

    Winter/Spring 2016
    : This winter and spring the Brookline High School Expansion Working Group has taken steps to advance the process to expand and renovate BHS. The working group is made up of BHS teachers, staff, coordinators, district administrators, and school committee members.  

    February 2016: The Board of Selectmen, School Committee, and Advisory Committee all voted to forego partnering with the Massachusetts School Building Authority in order to accelerate this project, create additional design flexibility and reduce total costs of the project.

    September 2013: The School Committee voted to direct the Superintendent to engage in further study regarding the B-SPACE recommendation to maximize the use, whether by efficiency and/or expansion, of Brookline High School. The charge included beginning a process of analyzing the pedagogical and administrative implications of optimally serving up to 2,500 high school students in Brookline. The study may include recommendations on new or revamped programs, staffing and administrative structures, and facilities use. The process to develop a plan and educational program for an expansion of high school capacity should include consultation with current BHS faculty and students, the Brookline community, the School Committee, PSB leadership, as well as input from the research on current best practices in curriculum, instruction, and pedagogy for secondary schools. This process is to be led by the Superintendent and Headmaster, and will take into account, but not be limited to, the options presented in the HMFH Architects, Inc. High School Concept Study, the B-Space Committee Report, and the Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA) study from 2015.

    For a more information on the space studies that were completed in 2013 and 2015, please see the Brookline town website.