Brookline High School Expansion Project Overview

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    BHS Expansion and Renovation Enters Design Development Phase

    Brookline High School is currently experiencing the initial wave of rapid enrollment growth that will increase the student body from 1,800 students in 2015, to as many as 2,600 students by 2023. Anticipating this growth, the School Committee, School Department, and Board of Selectmen have been leading an effort to expand, modernize, and renovate the facility.
    In May 2018, Brookline voters supported a debt exclusion override to fund the expansion and renovation of Brookline High School. The project is now in the Design Development phase during which final design, floor plans and architectural drawings will be completed. William Rawn Associates, Skanska Construction and Hill Associates will support the Town and the Building Department from design development through construction to completion. The project will include a new building at the 111 Cypress Street site, a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) building to replace the building at the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets, renovations to the 3rd floor of the main building and the Tappan gymnasium, as well as improvements to Cypress Field. Demolition and construction is expected to begin in Summer 2019 and be completed by Summer 2021. 

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    Project Timeline
    • February 1, 2019 - Design Development Complete
    • Summer 2019 - Demolition Begins (Cypress & STEM)
    • Fall 2020 - STEM Comple!on
    • Summer 2021 - Cypress, 3rd Floor, Tappan Completion, MBTA Platform
    • Fall 2021 - Tappan Streetscape Improvements
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    BHS Expansion Completes Schematic Design Phase

    With the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, the BHS Expansion Project entered the Schematic Design Phase. During this phase, the architectural firm William Rawn Associates will develop designs for the exterior facade of the new buildings, the layout of the building’s technical systems such as electrical and plumbing, and provide and more detailed cost estimates. The Design Development Phase will include input from BHS staff and community members, in order to develop an expanded BHS that supports the learning for Brookline’s high school students. The cost estimates for the expansion of BHS developed during this phase will be the basis for the funding request that goes to Town Meeting in 2018 and the anticipated debt exclusion override to fund construction.

    Anticipated Timeline

    Between September 2017 and April 2018, the Building Committee for the Expansion of Brookline High School will work with William Rawn Associates and Hill Associates on design development, gathering staff and public input on design options, and finalizing cost estimates. There are four primary stages during this phase:


    Primary Tasks


    Schematic Design Phase Launch & Program Verification

    • Review and update Educational Plan and Space Summary completed during Feasibility Phase
    • Architects meet with BHS staff and students to better understand programming needs and priorities
    • Revise massing options for Cypress Street Building and Tappan Street Building
    • Begin work with MBTA on possible construction over MBTA right of way

    September 2017 - October 2017

    Schematic Design Development and Review

    • Development of designs for Cypress Street and Tappan Street Buildings and renovation of existing science wing including classroom layout, floor plans, exterior facades, and technical systems
    • Design review and input by Building Committee
    • Ongoing input from BHS staff and students and public meetings on design development

    October 2017 - January 2018

    Final Schematic Design Development and Cost Estimates

    • Cost estimates developed as designs are finalized

    February 2018

    Final Approval of Schematic Design

    • BHS Building Committee votes on final approval of schematic design in preparation of the School Committee, Board of Selectmen, Building Commission, Advisory Board and Town Meeting considering the design and/or funding of the project

    March 2018 - April 2018

    Table: Anticipated Timeline

    Related Projects

    In addition to the expansion of the Brookline High School academic buildings, the town is also considering renovations to the Tappan Gym and Cypress Field and will be reviewing parking and traffic in the neighborhood. Please see below for details about which town department or commission is managing these related projects.

    Related Project

    Town Board or Commission Leading the Project

    Anticipated Timeline

    Acquiring 111 Cypress Street for BHS Expansion

    Board of Selectmen

    September/October 2017:

    • Outreach efforts with MBTA are currently underway
    • Hard yes or no decision by end of October 

    November/December 2017:

    • Town Meeting votes on two Warrant Articles related to acquisition

    Tappan Gym Renovation

    BHS Building Committee


    Cypress Field Improvements

    Parks and Recreation Commission


    Traffic and Parking

    Transportation Board

     Table: Related Projects

    How We Got Here and Earlier Work

    December 2017 - May 2017: Feasibility Phase
    Between December and May of 2017, the BHS Expansion Project moved through the Feasibility Phase. The BHS Building Committee worked with HMFH Architects to consider design alternatives and preliminary costs, and arrived at four possible paths for expansion and renovation, as well as numerous design options. The Building Committee held seven public meetings, along with two community meetings and two public hearings where community members provided input and asked questions. On May 3rd, the Building Committee voted to move forward with Option 4D as the Preferred Design.

    The design for Option 4D maintains one unified campus for BHS by adding a 9th grade building on Cypress Street, creating a new Science Center on the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets, and renovating existing classroom and common spaces in the main building. The additions will help create a small-school feel for 9th graders as they transition from our K-8 schools, while allowing them to access arts, athletics, and upper-level courses across the entire campus. Facility upgrades at the main building will allow for state-of-the-art science facilities, and will enable integration across disciplines while providing collaborative spaces for all grades.

    September 2013
    The School Committee voted to direct the Superintendent to engage in further study regarding the B-SPACE recommendation to maximize the use, whether by efficiency and/or expansion, of Brookline High School. The charge included beginning a process of analyzing the pedagogical and administrative implications of optimally serving up to 2,500 high school students in Brookline. The study may include recommendations on new or revamped programs, staffing and administrative structures, and facilities use. The process to develop a plan and educational program for an expansion of high school capacity should include consultation with current BHS faculty and students, the Brookline community, the School Committee, PSB leadership, as well as input from the research on current best practices in curriculum, instruction, and pedagogy for secondary schools. This process is to be led by the Superintendent and Headmaster, and will take into account, but not be limited to, the options presented in the HMFH Architects, Inc. High School Concept Study, the B-Space Committee Report, and the Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA) study from 2015.

    For a more information on the space studies that were completed in 2013 and 2015, please see the Brookline town website.


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