• What is Math League?
    Math League is a voluntary math club that meets before school.  It is a program run by teachers and parents, and there is no cost to participate.  There are five topics in which students can compete in: Problem Solving, Geometry, Operations, Bases, and Patterns.

    When are practice sessions?




    7:20–7:55 am    Ms. Pushee’s room




    7:20–7:55 am    Ms. Pushee’s room




    7:20–7:55 am    Ms. Pushee’s room



    Problem Solving

    7:20–7:55 am    Ms. Pushee’s room




    7:20–7:55 am    Ms. Pushee’s room

    Where are the practice sessions held?
    Math League sessions will meet in Ms. Pushee’s 7th grade science room, near Mr. Rae’s art room.

    Do I have to do all five topics?  How do I choose my topic?
    No.  It’s best to choose one or two topics.  During the first two weeks (starting November 26th) you may “shop around” to try out the different topics.  Beginning December 10th, we will ask you which topic (or topics) you will be joining. It is expected that you attend the practice sessions regularly for your topic.  You may attend as many different topics as you wish.

    Is there Math League homework?
    No.  However, some students might choose to bring home and attempt to complete some of the problems they were unable to finish during the session.

    Will everyone compete at the town meets?  How is the team selected?
    Only 5th and 6th graders can compete in the town meets. Six students compete for each topic except Problem-Solving.  The Problem-Solving team consists of three teams of three students. Students may compete in one, two, or three topics.  It depends how many Pierce mathematicians want to compete. While many students choose to compete, others do not. It’s perfectly fine not to compete and only attend the practice sessions.

    Before each meet students will be asked if they want to compete and in which topics.  We do our best to give everyone an opportunity to compete in 1 or more areas at a meet, but this is dependent on the number of students participating.  Selection for the meets is based on several criteria including: 1) regular attendance (which includes arriving on time and remaining for the session), 2) good effort and attitude during practice sessions, 3) the number of students attending the meet, and 4) grade level of student, as a slight preference is given to 6th graders with strong attendance records.  

    What is expected of participants?  
    All participants must bring a signed permission slip to either Dave Carter or Tara Washburn in the Math Center (the drop-off location is a purple box along the wall of The Pit, near the math center).  It is expected that students arrive on time and remain for the entire practice session. Regular attendance and good effort are criteria in determining topic placement at Math League meets.

    When and where are the meets?
    All meets will be after school at the Coolidge Corner School.  A bus typically picks up the students at Pierce around 1:00pm and returns around 4:30pm.

    Meet #1: Thursday, January 10th  (snow date 1/17/19)

    Meet #2: Thursday, February 7th  (snow date 2/14/19)

    Meet #3: Thursday, March 7th      (snow date 3/14/19)

    What should I bring to the practice sessions?
    You do not need to bring anything to practice sessions.  We will provide pencils.

    When do the Math League morning practice sessions begin and end?
    Math League starts on Monday, November 26th at 7:20 and will end after the last meet takes place (currently scheduled for March 7th).  If school is closed or there is a weather-related delay, Math League practice will be canceled for that day.