• Indoor Soccer

    Soccer at Lawrence School has built a solid reputation around the hard work of their players and the fierce dedication of the coaching staff, Mr. Ward and Ms. Alper. They enjoy developing students’ skills, teaching new strategies and collaborating as a Co-Ed force!

    Dates:  beginning of March to the beginning of May

    Practices/Games: All games will be held on Wednesday and one practice day per week, determined after try-outs.
    Size of Team: 16 (Two try-outs prior to season to determine team)
    Expectations: Students interested in competing and representing the Lawrence School must obey and sign the Lawrence Contract.
    Registration: Need to register online at https://www.familyid.com and submit a physical prior to tryouts.
    Concussion course:  ALL Coaches, coordinators, players and parents must complete the online concussion course.  The course is free and takes about 30 minutes. http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=15000
    Cost: $85.00, scholarships are available.
    Schedule: A practice and game schedule will be provided by the coach after try-outs.