• PSB teachers and students engage in the Global Cardboard Challenge to foster innovation, resourcefulness, perserverance, and collaboration for learners of all ages

    The Enrichment & Challenge Support (ECS) specialists have been working with teachers and students on the Global Cardboard Challenge (#cardboardchallenge), developed through the Imagination Foundation. This is an annual worldwide celebration of creativity based on the inspirational story Caine's Arcade. The cardboard challenge fosters innovation, resourcefulness, perseverance, and collaboration for learners of all ages, and is lots of fun! Students transformed ideas into sketches, prototypes, and products, and reflected on their learning throughout the process. Some students were also able to display their work publicly.

    In particular, all 4th graders at Lower Devotion participated in the #cardboardchallenge on Friday, October 13th. Students collaborated with classmates throughout the day, and families were invited to see the creations at the end of the day. Students' creativity, problem solving, energy, and reflection were visible during and after this project-based learning experience.

    Below are some photo examples from across the district. You can see more examples of these projects @ecsbrookline on Twitter.

                                                      Global Cardboard Challenge Image 1               Global Cardboard Challenge Image 2