• Building Project Update

    BHS Expansion: Schematic Design Phase Continues

    The BHS Expansion Project continues with the architectural firm William Rawn Associates working with high school staff, students, and faculty; the School Committee; the BHS Expansion Building Committee; and community members to develop designs that reflect the cohesive feel of BHS. Learn more about this phase of the project and find out about upcoming meetings by viewing the BHS Expansion webpage.

    9th Elementary School

    Land at Pine Manor College and the Baldwin site are both currently under consideration, and the 9th Elementary School project is moving toward a vote at November’s Town Meeting on entering into an extended Feasibility Phase and vetting a limited number of additional sites. Please take a look at the project webpage for a complete understanding of where the project stands. You can also find upcoming meeting dates and summaries of past meetings.

    Devotion School

    The Devotion School Renovation continues to be on time and on budget. If you've driven by the project site on Harvard Street recently, you may have seen that work is currently being done to the exterior facades of the building. Contractors are also working on the gym, library, and internal mechanical systems such as HVAC and plumbing. You can view the latest presentation to the Devotion Building Committee made on Monday, September 25, and read additional information by clicking here