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    • Frequently Asked Questions:
      • How do I know what my child can do with the target language?
      • Are students able to choose the language they want to study or change it later?
      • How do I know what languages are offered at each school?
      • How often do students have World Language class?
      • What if a student enters the program later with little to no experience with the language?
      • Do students have homework in World Language class?
      • What if my child already speaks the target language?
    • Parent Resources from the National Network for Early Language Learning
    • World Languages in Our Libraries: To search for school library books are for the languages in our programs, see below: 

                    World Languages by School:   

    SCHOOL K-8  6-8 Additional Language Choice



    Ridley Spanish    French
    Driscoll Mandarin  Spanish*
    Heath Spanish  French**
    Lawrence Spanish   French 
    Lincoln Spanish  French
    Pierce Spanish  Mandarin*
    Runkle Spanish   French**

                             *over 300+ titles.                    **No selections yet

    Understanding Proficiency

    These visuals are often used to explain proficiency to students, help them understand their progress as language learners and reach for their proficiency targets.

    Ice cream proficiency path to proficiency growth mindset

  • K-8 World Language Coordinator:
    Tanya Alvarado

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