• Wellness Committee 

    The Public Schools of Brookline’s Wellness Committee examines and supports a variety of programs addressing student health. Active since 2007, the committee addresses a range of youth-serving initiatives in areas of nutrition, fitness/recreation, mental health, chemical health, teen dating violence, and climate change awareness. 
    The Wellness Committee includes representatives from Public Schools of Brookline administration, school health staff, physical education/health and fitness, special education, food services, human services, teachers and parents, as well as the Town of Brookline Department of Public Health, including B-CASA (Brookline Coalition Against Substance Abuse) and B-PEN (Brookline Parent Education), the Recreation Department, police, and members from the community. The committee currently is chaired by Samuel Zimmerman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Services, and it is co-chaired by Tricia Laham, Coordinator of School Health Services and Mary Minott, Prevention/Intervention Social Worker. 
    For more information, visit www.BrooklineWellness.weebly.com or contact: Tricia Laham (Tricia_laham@psbma.org), or Mary Minott (mminott@brooklinema.gov).