Brookline Lesley Internship Program

     Welcome to the Lesley Apprenticeship in Brookline (LAB).

    LAB is a full-time, 12- to 15-month master's program & teacher residency offered in collaboration with Lesley University

    Program graduates earn a master’s degree and an initial license for Teachers of Students with Moderate Disabilities (preK-8) or (5-12). Interns take part in all aspects of classroom life while pursuing Lesley graduate coursework in Brookline and on the university’s Cambridge campus.

    We seek a diverse applicant pool with a range of experiences. 
    Program Benefits:
    Since our inception in 1988 we have focused upon creating a strong, professional community among our interns with a support network of effective mentor teachers who are dedicated to the development of new teachers.  
    Financial: receive 12 tuition-free graduate credits and a monthly paid stipend

    Direct Feedback: collaborate with and receive feedback from a mentor special educator 

    Field Based: observe and teach in inclusive and special education settings

    Time: double your classroom experience in half the program time of a typical graduate program at Lesley

    Reputation: gain experience in the Public Schools of Brookline, a diverse district focused on achievement and engagement of every student while you earn a master’s from Lesley University, a renowned provider of teacher education 

    Theory and Practice in Action:

    Teach and observe in inclusive and special education settings
    Practice non-discriminatory assessment
    Reflect on your practice
    Differentiate curriculum
    Develop classroom and behavior management techniques and principles
    Collaborate with experienced educators
    Design instruction that considers children's abilities and disabilities  
    Learn from Lesley University's highly-qualified instructors

    Contact Information:
    Natalie Dean, Coordinator

    What Our Graduates Say:

    “I learned more during my year at the Brookline Collaborative than I did in my four years of undergrad in Elementary Education. It’s intense, and it’s worth it.” 

    -Meagan Moran, 2014-15 intern; job upon completion: special educator at Devotion School, Brookline, MA


    “The Brookline Collaborative program offers a unique opportunity to truly learn by doing. A full year internship allows you to begin the career-long cycle of honing, reflecting upon, and honing again your teaching practice. You build invaluable relationships with your mentor, students, and peers that sustain and intensify your teaching and learning process. Moving forward, I feel incredibly prepared for the myriad of exciting challenges that this wonderful profession has to offer.”
    -Vera Goodwin-Brown, 2014-15 intern; job upon completion: special educator in co-taught 4th grade classroom, Fort River School, Amherst, MA