• School Tours

    The Lawrence School wants all new students and families to be comfortable with their new surroundings.  To try and quell first day jitters, school tours are offered for newly enrolled families who will be entering Lawrence School during the year.

    Group tours are offered twice in the Fall and twice in January. These tours are led by a group of parent volunteers.   To respect the learning environment of our students, the tours are of the layout of the school only. We cannot enter the classrooms while children are present.

    We understand that having a child entering kindergarten is an exciting time, and for that reason, we offer two tours in January. There is also a separate welcome day for registered kindergarten students and parents/guardians in the spring.  At the spring visit, the kindergartners will visit the classrooms and meet the faculty.  You will be notified of the date of this visit  if your child has been registered at the school.

    Registration is required for all tours.  Please contact the parent coordinators to inquire of dates for upcoming tours and to register.  All requests should come directly from families and not agencies.

    Erica Key and Jessica Ullian: newfamilies@lawrenceschoolbrookline.org

    For questions regarding district placement and curriculum, please refer to the Public School of Brookline’s website.