• To be enrolled in the Public Schools of Brookline, you were required to submit proofs of identification for you and your student(s), as well as provide proofs of occupancy and residency within the Town of Brookline. 

    If you have moved within the Town of Brookline, you must provide proof of occupancy and residency for your new address, along with a completed Change of Address form. Please inform the Office of Student Affairs within five (5) days of occupancy in your new residence so that this important information - such as your child's school assignment, or any new information - can reach you. The change of address form can be accessed here.

    All changes to you or your student's contact information (including but not limited to: names, gender, phone numbers, email, emergency contacts) should be communicated directly to the PSB Data Team via datateam@psbma.org or (617)-264-6476.

    Please note that any and all changes regarding student addresses or contact information must be submitted and verified by the Office of Student Affairs and/or the Data Team in order to take effect.