Baker School Community Partnerships:


    The Baker School community is rich with family and community members from varying backgrounds and careers who have valuable skills and experiences to share. Baker is seeking out community members who are interested in partnering with teachers and staff to bring rich, authentic learning experiences to our students. These experiences increase student motivation and build curiosity and meaning in the curriculum.


    Participation may take the form of giving a talk to a class, working with a small group, connecting a class to a field trip site, or assisting a teacher in designing a particular lesson. There are many possibilities for how teachers, parents, and community members can bring their passions together and enrich learning at Baker School.


    If you are interested in sharing skills, time, or experience, please complete the form below. Completing the form is not a guarantee that a teacher will reach out. The information you share will be stored in a database for teachers to reference and contact volunteers on an as-needed basis. We hope that you find a connection!


    If you are questioning whether or not you have something valuable to contribute, please don’t! We believe that all community members have something to offer, sometimes in surprising ways. When thinking about how you may want to partner with the school, consider your career, education, skills, hobbies, general life experiences, and passions as sources of inspiration. If you do not see something listed below, please be sure to complete the “More information . . .” box to tell us more. 


    If you are interested in sharing skills, time, or experience, please complete the form here


    We are excited to hear from you and look forward to possibly working together soon!


    Questions? Contact Baker’s ECS (Enrich and Challenge Support) Specialist, Matt Picard, at matt_picard@psbma.org.