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  • What's Buzzing at the Hive #9

    Posted by Jennifer Buller on 1/20/2020 6:00:00 PM

    Hello Coolidge Corner School Families and Friends,

    I hope that your long weekend provided you some opportunity to reflect on Dr. King’s work and many messages of acceptance, service to community, and social justice.  In my own reflection I found myself connecting to Dr. King’s legacy of activism and empowerment. Among the many speeches I read and listened to today, his words the day after unarmed marchers were attacked and his speech at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery march resonated deeply as I thought of my service and work towards educational equity at CCS, particularly this quote:   


    “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.” 


    At CCS we work to develop upstanders and compassionate human beings who stand for what is right, just, and true even if it means standing alone in the face of popular opinion. We work to empower our students’ voices so they too can join us in our journeys to social justice.  We are stronger in this work together, in partnership with all our families and community members.  


    Below you can find some reminders and updates related to the CCS community including: winter gear reminder, welcoming committee, parking around CCS, Helper Bees, scooters/bicycles in the building, date changes, staff safety training, and the CCS ski trip.  


    Winter Gear Reminder

    A friendly reminder that we try and go out for recess every day at CCS.  Unless the temperature drops to or below 9 degrees Fahrenheit (with the wind chill) we will go out to play.  Please help your child remember to pack/wear their hats, mittens, warm jacket, and other cold weather gear on cold days.  

    If you need financial assistance in purchasing adequate winter gear, please reach out to your child’s guidance counselor.

    Jordana Spitz (K-2)

    Mary Murphy (Grades 3-5)

    Jennifer Maylone (Grades 6-8) 


    CCS Welcoming Committee

    We are hoping to gather a group of volunteers who would be interested in being a first connection to new families who arrive to CCS.  If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out this brief form


    Parking Around CCS

    This is a friendly reminder that if you need to park when you are visiting CCS, please do so legally.  There is NO parking on the left side of Stedman Street during arrival or dismissal. This lane is meant for LIVE PARKING only.  Help us keep positive connections with our neighbors by avoiding their parking lots when dropping off or visiting CCS. The parking lot at the radiology lab directly across the street from CCS is for patients only, please do not use this parking lot regardless of the time of day.  You can park at any of the meters on Harvard Street (they are free before 8:00a) or in the Centre Street parking lot.  


    Helper Bees 

    Need some help at home?  Hire a helper bee!  8th Grade student volunteers are ready to come help out in the community.  All donations will go to funding programs and activities that help make our school and community so amazing! 


    Scooters and Bicycles in the Building 

    Scooters and bicycles belong secured to the racks outside of the building.  Please do not pile up scooters inside the doors coming in off of the playground.  This creates an unsafe environment.

    Also, a reminder that scooters should not be ridden in the building after school.  Please help remind your children that if they are at school after hours, they should not be in the building unless they are in a program and should definitely not be riding scooters in the hallways as they are damaging our floors. 


    Date Changes 

    There have been a few adjustments to our calendar. 

    February School Council Meeting/PTO Coffee and Conversation

    CHANGED from Feb 5th to Feb 7th and will now take place at 7:00am and 8:ooam respectively

    May School Council Meeting/PTO Coffee and Conversation 

    CHANGED from May 7th to May 14th (still at 6:oopm and 7:00pm respectively)

    Games Night

    CHANGED from March 12th to 19th 


    Staff Safety Training 

    This past Tuesday our staff at CCS engaged in a two hour safety training with the Brookline Police Department.  We reviewed our emergency preparedness procedures and were trained in an options based protocol for responding to internal threats in building.  

    If you would like more information about this training, please reach out to myself or your child’s vice principal.

    K-2 Steven Simolaris  (

    Grades 3-5 Erin Burke (

    Grades 6-8 Saeed Ola (


    CCS Ski Trip 

    This Friday we hope to see everyone on the slopes at Wachusett Mountain for some fun night skiing and snow boarding.  If you are interested in riding on the bus with a group of families and teachers, please see the PTO’s communication about how to reserve your spot.  


    I hope to see many of you at Caldecott Night this Wednesday at 6:00pm in our Library where we can share in the joy of reading together as a community.  


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  • What's Buzzing at the Hive #8

    Posted by Jennifer Buller on 1/5/2020 8:00:00 PM

    Hello Coolidge Corner School Families and Friends,

    We hope everyone had a safe and peaceful Winter Break and had a chance to connect with activities and people that spark joy and love in your life.  It was wonderful to welcome so many of you back these past two days as we transitioned back to the routines and schedules of school. Coming back after such a long time away can be hard for students, and adults.  Be patient and kind to yourselves this week as you adjust and maybe tuck in to bed a little earlier to help make that early morning alarm not so harsh. :)

    Below are some updates for the Hive for the next two weeks.  You can find information about the upcoming CCS Priorities Family Feedback sessions, after school feedback and information session, our last call to pick up lost and found items, and a reminder about adult washrooms in the school.


    CCS Priorities Family Feedback Sessions

    On Wednesday, January 8th at 6:30p and again on Friday January 10th at 8:00a I will be hosting an update and feedback session around our CCS Priorities work this year.  I will be reviewing our priorities (clarity and cohesion) and action steps that we shared in the fall, updating folks on progress we’ve made on the action steps, and inviting feedback on how we’ve been doing and where we can improve. You can view the slidedeck from Open House where we shared our action items for our priorities to help you prepare for the feedback sessions this week. The session on Wednesday will take place in the CCS Library and the session on Friday will take place in the cafeteria during the PTO Coffee and Conversation for this month.  Both sessions will have the same information, so you only need to attend one. I hope to see many of you there so we can learn and grow together as we work on improving our school community collaboratively. 


    After School Feedback and Information Session 

    On Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30p in the CCS Library I will be hosting an information sharing and needs gathering session centered on after school programming.  Cathy Nowacki, Director of Extended Day at CCS, will be joining us. We will share information about what Extended Day and DASEP currently offer the community and how we partner as a school with both programs, and others, that work incredibly hard to meet our community’s growing after school child care needs.  I will then open up the session to gather input and information around the needs for after school programming for our PreK-8 students. We will use this information and feedback to start working on a plan to address the diverse and rising needs of after school care for our community. 


    Lost and Found Clean Out

    Over the Winter Break, Tracy Legendre (one of our school secretaries) did some serious organizing and cleaning of our Lost and Found.  (You can check out pictures of all the “lost” items on our Twitter page @TheHiveInCC) Items that are not claimed by the end of the day this Friday (Friday, January 10th) will be donated. Please stop by the school, or have your child visit the Lost and Found, so you may be reunited with your boots, hats, mittens, water bottles, jackets, and so much more! 


    Washroom Access

    This is just a friendly reminder that when you are visiting our school and need to use the washroom to please use the washrooms designated for adults.  There are several staff bathrooms located next to the student bathrooms and in the main office that you are welcome to use by getting a key from the main office.  You are also welcome to use any of the gender neutral washrooms located on the second and third floors near the tile wall.  


    I am looking forward to connecting with many of you over the next two weeks at drop-off and pick-up, around the building, and at our feedback and information sessions.  This Friday (January 10th) right before the PTO Coffee and Conversation you are welcome to join the School Council meeting at 7:00a in the CCS Library. On the agenda we will be reviewing our current process for developing the budget narrative and gathering feedback on how to improve the process, reviewing our current School Improvement Plan and developing next steps for its revision, and updating everyone on where we are with the renaming process.  


    I hope your New Year is off to a healthy, hopeful, and happy start.  We are forward focused at CCS and ready to really dig into these next longer stretches of learning and engagement with students and families. 


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