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Chairs of Board of Selectmen and School Committee Release Statement about Potential New Early Education Center

March 30, 2017

Statement by Neil Wishinsky and Susan Wolf Ditkoff on Potential Early Education Center in Brookline
We are grateful and humbled that the Trust family is exploring building an early education center in the heart of Brookline, as a way to show their support for the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP). The Trust family’s personal experience with BEEP is a testament to the incredible education and support that BEEP has provided to thousands of children and their families for decades.
BEEP began in 1972 as a collaborative effort of the Public Schools of Brookline, Children’s Hospital, and local area universities. Today’s BEEP is an outgrowth of the Brookline Early Education Project, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York to guide and support local parents and minimize health and developmental challenges in Brookline area children before they started school. Research findings from the project showed that children who were involved in early learning programs were healthier and performed better later in school. This evidence-based program became a national model and paved the way for the BEEP program of today, now led by accomplished educator Vicki Milstein. The Trust family's plan is a profound testament to Dr. Milstein's extraordinary leadership and service to Brookline's children over many years.
While we are excited about the possibilities of a new early education center, the process is still in the early stages. Like any new building in town, a new early education center will proceed through all appropriate legal and zoning processes as determined by town and state regulations.
We look forward to working in partnership with the Trust family in support of this remarkable opportunity, which will benefit the growing population of Brookline’s children for years to come.
Neil Wishinsky, Chairman, Board of Selectmen
Susan Wolf Ditkoff, Chairman, Brookline School Committee
The Public Schools of Brookline
(617) 730-2401