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Town-wide Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for Educational Equity Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to invite your participation with the town-wide Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for Educational Equity. The PAC for Educational Equity is newly established this year and will be led by the Senior Director for Educational Equity, Dr. Kalise Wornum.

The PAC for Educational Equity will be charged with supporting school leaders in our efforts to create and promote equitable practices, build inclusive school communities, and work toward closing opportunity gaps and achieving equitable outcomes for all students. The PAC will provide the framework for Brookline parents and guardians to participate in issues of educational equity and will be called upon to advise the district in these important matters.

The PAC for Educational Equity will provide parents and guardians with the opportunity to give feedback on district initiatives and programs as they relate to educational equity, including:

  • curriculum and educational materials;
  • workforce diversity efforts;
  • professional development opportunities regarding equity and diversity; and
  • community outreach efforts.

Who will serve on the PAC for Educational Equity?

The PAC for Educational Equity will include members of the district’s senior leadership and two parent representatives from: each Brookline school; the Brookline METCO program; the Steps to Success program; and the Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).


Time Commitment:

We expect that the PAC for Educational Equity will meet once per month, likely on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm. The meeting schedule will be confirmed once the PAC has been established. In addition to the monthly meeting we would ask that committee members be available to serve on subcommittees, as necessary, for more focused discussions on specific issues.


Application Process:

If you would like to be considered for the PAC for Educational Equity, please complete this short application. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, January 25, 2019. We will review all applications closely and expect to make final decisions by mid- February. We will notify all applicants when final decisions have been made.


If you have any questions about the PAC for Educational Equity or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Kalise Wornum at 617.730.2404 or


Thank you for your consideration.




Andrew J. Bott