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Preparing for Winter Weather

Dear Families,

With the cold weather already upon us, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the steps we will take to inform you of any weather-related school cancellations or delayed openings and to provide you with some context as to how the decision to close school is made.

When bad weather is forecast we work closely with Brookline’s public works and public safety officials to determine whether or not a school cancellation or delay is warranted.  Working together, we carefully monitor weather forecasts relying on information from the National Weather Service.  If the size and strength of the storm are predicted with a high degree of certainty, then we will make the decision to close school by 8:00pm on the evening before a school day.  If the weather forecast is less certain, then we wait and make a decision (if there is one) the next morning, no later than 5:30am.

Following the end of a winter storm, the Brookline Department of Public Works (DPW) starts to work immediately to make roads safe and accessible across town.  In addition to plowing roads, we rely on the DPW to clear snow from school parking lots and sidewalks around our schools so that teachers can park and students can safely get to school.  Depending on when the storm ends, sometimes this storm clean-up can continue into a second day; this might cause school to be closed for an additional day as the DPW crews continue to work safely and unimpeded.  The Town might also declare a parking ban, which affects our decision of whether or not to close school.

Once the decision to close or delay school is made, we notify our media partners, post the information on our website, post a message on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and send the notification directly to our families and staff via automated phone calls and emails.  Below please find links to these sources:


Twitter @BrooklinePublic
Radio WBZ (1030 AM)

WBZ (Channel 4)


WCVB (Channel 5)


WHDH (Channel 7)


WBTS (Channel 10)


WFXT (Channel 25)


New England Cable News


Information about a 2-hour delayed opening will be shared in the same manner as a cancellation.  Should the opening of school be delayed, K-8 students will be expected to arrive at school, or at their bus stop, two hours later than normal.  Our bus company and crossing guards will know of the delay and will rearrange their schedules accordingly.  High School students should refer to this summary of the BHS schedule in the event of a delayed opening.

You might also consider joining Alert Brookline to receive important notifications from the Town of Brookline regarding emergency situations that could impact Brookline residents:

As always, our priorities are to ensure the safety of students and staff and to share information regarding cancellations or delayed openings with you in a timely fashion to enable you and your family to best prepare. 

Ben Lummis
Interim Superintendent

PDF Copies of the letter are attached below: