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October 28 Reopening Update: Learning Model Open Enrollment

The communication here provides important information and resources about the reopening of school this fall. Please review the materials in detail. We will continue to update you consistently on our efforts. 

Translated versions of the information are attached below.


Dear PSB Community,


As described in our previous communication, families have the opportunity to notify the district that they wish to make a change in their child’s learning model during open enrollment periods throughout the academic year. The first such open enrollment period is available Wednesday, October 28 through Friday, November 6 at noon. Students who elect to change learning models, and receive confirmation the change was granted, will begin their new school placement on Monday, November 16. Please note that you must receive confirmation before your child makes a switch.


Families will have one additional opportunity to adjust their students' learning model during the course of this academic year. The exact dates for this additional open enrollment period are still TBD, but will most likely occur in February. If you make a change to your child’s learning model at this time, they will remain in this learning model until the end of the year, or until the next open enrollment opportunity.  


When the selection period closes for families, the District will notify school(s) of all changes to their enrollment. Each school will then carefully review and prepare placements for students in our K-8 schools. BHS students' model of instruction will be updated appropriately. Schools will reach out to students/families directly with new placement information when it is available. 


How to Request a Change 
If you know you would like to change the current learning model for your child, please complete the linked form in the box below by Friday, November 6 at noon. You must know your child’s local ID number (listed on the Aspen parent portal) in order to complete this process. Requests without an ID number will not be processed for review. Any request received after Friday, November 6 at noon, will not be considered for review. You only need to complete this form if you would like to request a change for your child(ren). If you are satisfied with your child’s current placement, please do not complete the form. 



Learning Model Open Enrollment Survey Link -- Request a Change Here

Only complete the survey if you want to make a change to your child(‘s) current learning model 

Complete this form one time for each child you wish to make a change for


We understand that we are asking you to make important decisions about your child’s education amidst a period of uncertainty. Changing schools is a difficult process for everyone involved, and our staff are here to support you in any transition between our two learning models. You may find additional details about the entire open enrollment process below and we encourage you to engage with your school leaders should you or your child(ren) face unforeseen challenges or circumstances that will affect their learning. 




Public Schools of Brookline 


Additional Information: Process 

As we consider adjusting student placements, the health and safety of the entire school community continues to be our top priority. As such, we must carefully assign students to cohorts and classrooms to maintain a minimum social distance of 6 feet in all physical classrooms. We also remain committed to ensuring any remote classes maintain appropriate student to teacher ratios. 


For students entering the Remote Learning Academy (RLA), we will do our best to keep students with teachers and students from their home base school but we cannot guarantee this. Further, the district can not guarantee, but will work to accommodate and honor, the first preference of cohort for students entering the hybrid model.   


In the event that all physical classrooms for a specific grade in any K-8 school are at capacity due to physical distancing requirements, or will exceed capacity for effective and meaningful remote instruction, the District will adhere to the following protocol.


Move to the Remote Learning Academy 

For students who choose to leave their home base school and enter the RLA: 




A full class of students in the same grade level requests to transfer into the RLA 

  • Students will be enrolled in RLA. PSB will need to open a new section in that grade level within the RLA.

Student from home base school requests to transfer to the RLA, but the RLA  class sizes are too large for said student in a cohort with other students from that home base school

  • Students will be enrolled in RLA. Class placement may be with a cohort of students not primarily from their home base school and teacher may be from a different home base school.
  • Class assignments may be adjusted again after November 16 as staff changes are confirmed to ensure remote classes maintain appropriate student to teacher ratios.

Move to Hybrid Home Base School 

Student wants to return from RLA to home base school with in-person instruction opportunities:




A full class of students within a home base school and grade level requests to return to in-person learning.

  • PSB may need to consider opening an additional section for that grade level in the home base school. 
  • Student may be placed in a new section or integrated into an existing section. 

Classes will exceed physical capacity for social distancing but there are not enough students to fill an entire class section

  • Families are notified that they may enter into a lottery to return to their neighborhood school 
  • Lottery will be determined independently through a random number generator 
  • All available seats within physical capacity will be filled
  • Students who do not receive a seat in the lottery would stay in current placement until lottery number is called*

*Note: see scenario below

Classes will exceed physical capacity for social distancing but there are not enough students to fill an entire class section and do not receive a seat in the lottery 

  • Student would stay in current placement until lottery number is called
  • Student may be offered an assignment to a non-neighborhood school with more space, if available, so that they may have the opportunity to access the hybrid model of instruction

*Note: transportation would not be provided

  • Offer student to remain in RLA by choice for this marking period
  • Establish a waitlist at their home school of who may want to enter in-person should space become available due to withdrawals or students moving into RLA from in-person


Additional Information: Learning Models

Remote Learning Academy

The K-8 Remote Learning Academy (RLA) is Brookline Public Schools’ 9th temporary school designed and operated due to the COVID 19 pandemic. RLA operates from 8am-2:30pm Monday through Thursday and from 8am-1:35pm on Fridays. The school offers the same curriculum and learning experiences that all K-8 Brookline students receive but in a completely remote learning environment. RLA students receive daily synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Please note that all courses taken through RLA will count as credits in your child’s home school. 



Remote Only Option Brookline High School 

Students in grades 9-12 who remain completely remote follow the schedule assigned to them at the beginning of the year. Students attend virtually on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for a full day and have a shortened day on Wednesday. Students will access daily live instruction with their teachers and other students in their classes and also have asynchronous learning opportunities. 


Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Learning model provides students and staff in grades 1-12 a combination of in-person and remote teaching and learning experiences. Students attend school in person on either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. All students are remote on Wednesday. On the remote days, students receive synchronous and asynchronous structured learning time which may include specialist classes (art, music, health, world language, and PE/health and wellness) and small group instruction.  



Families who wish to withdraw their student(s) from PSB and homeschool their child(ren) for the 2020-21 school year must complete an application and send it to the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL). Please note that homeschooling is not synonymous with any of the learning models outlined above. Your child cannot be homeschooled until a learning plan has been approved by the Public Schools of Brookline. For more information, please visit

Additional Information: Attendance



Families who select an option to change learning models will be expected to attend school in their current learning model until Monday, November 16th. If students do not attend their classes between now and November 16, they will be marked as absent (excused). After November 16, these absences will no longer be deemed excused.