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Landmark School Outreach Program

The Landmark School is a private school in Beverly specializing in educating students with language-based learning disabilities and differences. The Landmark School Outreach Partnership is a collaboration between the Public Schools of Brookline and Landmark to identify and implement common effective languagebased instructional strategies that best support students with learning differences. Begun as a pilot at Lawrence School in 2009- 2010, the program featured a team of general education and special education teachers working to develop and expand their repertoire of instructional strategies by using Landmark’s systematic, skills-based content materials and models for adapting instruction to the needs of
all learners. Over three years, consultants from Landmark worked at every grade level (K-8). The program expanded to the Driscoll School
in 2011-2012 and Baker School in 2012-2013. In addition, Landmark provides consultation to the programs for students with Language-based
Learning Disabilities at the Driscoll School and at Brookline High School. This specialized consultation is designed to collaboratively
support general educators, special educators and related service providers in developing integrated instructional approaches to meet
the needs of students who require highly individualized, systematic, language-based programming.
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