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Select Board Considering Operating Override

After holding a public hearing on February 27th, the Select Board is considering whether to place an operating override on the May Town ballot to raise additional revenue to fund school and town operations. At the February 27 public hearing, more than 40 community members gave public comment about the school budget and whether or not the town should pursue an operating override. At its March 6 meeting, the Select Board considered Chair Neil Wishinsky's proposed 3-year Override Plan that would provide $9.37 million for school and town services from a combination of savings and tax and non-tax revenue. Chairman Wishinsky's proposal is linked to below. On March 13 the Select Board will vote on putting an operating override on the May Town ballot. 

Superintendent Bott's FY 2019 budget request focuses on three areas designed to continue the progress made as a result of the 2015 override:

  1. Maintain current staffing so the schools can abide by existing class size guidelines and not reduce programs and services to students;
  2. Respond to ongoing enrollment increases by maintaining class sizes, staff-student ratios and essential student support; and
  3. A limited number of new strategic investments tied directly to the Superintendent's goal of acheiving equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students.

In his budget request, Superintendent Bott details the structural deficit facing the schools over the next three years and the increase in costs due to ongoing historic enrollment increases. He also includes proposed cuts that would take place if additional revenue is not available.