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Seeking Community Feedback on the Pre-K to Grade 8 Math Program

Dear Public Schools of Brookline Parents and Guardians,

The Public Schools of Brookline is conducting a preK-8 math program review and has contracted with the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) to support the first phase of the review. For Phase I, CCE is collecting a variety of data and feedback from several groups, including school and district administrators, teachers, parents and students.

We are inviting all parents with children enrolled in grades preK-8 to complete a survey on teaching and learning in math, curriculum, home/school communication, and parent overall satisfaction with the preK-8 math program. The survey focuses on last school year, 2017-18, so if you had a student in Grade 8 last year you are welcome to participate as well.


To help us to better interpret your responses to the survey questions, you are asked to choose just one child, a "focus" child, to think about when responding to the survey questions. If you have multiple children enrolled in Brookline Public Schools, and would like to provide information about more than one child or all of your children, you may complete a separate survey for each individual child just by clicking on the survey link again. The link is also included at the end of the survey for your convenience.

Your feedback in critical to this process and your response is anonymous, so please be frank. If you do not want to or cannot answer a question, you can skip it. The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. You can stop and return to the survey if you need to. The survey will close on November 12, 2018.

Ultimately, all of this data will go into an aggregate report that will be reviewed by the district math review committee later in the school year. This information will help us to better understand the current status of the pre-K-8 math program, its strengths and areas for improvement.

If you have any problems accessing the survey, please contact Andresse St. Rose, Senior Director for Research, Evaluation and Policy at

If you have questions about the preK-8 Math Review, please contact either Meg Maccini, Senior Director of Programs at or Kathleen Hubbard, Curriculum Coordinator, preK-8 math at

Thanks for your participation!

PreK-8 Math Review Committee

Please click on the links below for translated copies of the letter and survey. You may send all responses to Meg Maccini at