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PSB Honors Educators and Staff who Have Served for 30 Years

Every year, the Public Schools of Brookline honors teducators and staff who have served in the Public Schools of Brookline for thirty years. We recognize Chari Dalsheim (Heath School), Jean George (Driscoll School/Runkle School), Mary Mastandrea (Brookline High School), and Regina Watts (BEEP) for their tremendous service and dedcation to our students and community!

ChariDalsheimAndGuests (Left to Right: Asa Sevelius, Heath School Principal; Chari Dalsheim, Heath School Teacher; Andrew Bott, Superintendent; Geoff Tegnell, K-8 Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator)


(Left to Right: Jean George, METCO Bus Monitor for Driscoll and Runkle Schools; Andrew Bott, Superintendent)


(Left to Right: Kenny Kozol, K-12 Performance Arts Curriculum Coordinator; Mary Mastandrea, Brookline High School Teacher; Andrew Bott, Superintendent)


(Left to Right: Andrew Bott, Superintendent; Regina Watts, BEEP Program Coordinator; Vicki Milstein, BEEP Principal)