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Spotlight: Makerspaces in PSB

Why Makerspaces?
Our students’ future will be very different from the experiences of  our generation. As they grow up in a world that is increasingly diverse, global, and technologically advanced, students will need to develop new competencies to be successful. In Brookline, Enrichment & Challenge Support Coordinator Matt Rosenthal and his team  have created makerspaces as one approach to support this meaningful learning. Every K-8 school in Brookline has either a makerspace or mobile makespace resources to support the multi-disciplinary, problem-solving skills for the 21st century and beyond.

 5th grade students at Driscoll test their windmills as part of their energy unit

What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a place where students use critical thinking skills and various tools to solve authentic problems. The mindset in a makerspace is defined by curiosity, persistence, and optimism - qualities that inspire us to make a difference in the world. Our PSB makerspaces foster students' abilities to take risks and be creative. As extensions of the core classroom, makerspaces provide  all students and staff the opportunity to learn and collaborate together.

8th grade students at Coolidge Corner use planks to build stable bridges

How have we developed and utilized makerspaces?

Our innovative approach began with a commitment to get students actively engaged in their own learning, and advocate for themselves and others. We sought to enhance cultures of collaboration and share student work publicly. Our curriculum is integrated  with support from EdTech & Libraries, Visual Arts, and Science teams.

In order for makerspaces to support the needs of all learners, there must be a combination of a collaborative culture plus physical resources. Click here to learn more about makerspaces in Brookline.