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January 2020: Long-Term Capital Plan/Clark Road Update

In July 2019, the School Committee voted to lease facilities at 2 Clark Road as part of the district's Long-Term Capital Plan. This agreement added 16 modern and fully-equipped classrooms for immediate use by early childhood and early elementary students, as well as providing additional playgrounds, learning centers, and other instructional spaces. For the 2019-2020 School Year, Clark Road is being used by the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP) for additional classrooms and office space for PSB administrative members and staff.
Currently, PSB is continuing to explore a number of different options to utilize Clark Road and address the overcrowded schools, substandard facilities, and historic enrollment growth the district has experienced over the past fifteen years. At the Capital Subcommittee meeting on December 11, PSB presented three different options for utilization that all involved classrooms from the Pierce School moving to Clark Road.  
On January 6, Interim Superintendent Ben Lummis presented a "No Move" option for the Pierce School that would create an Early Education Center at Clark Road by moving additional BEEP classes there. Mr. Lummis also shared results from a survey of families and staff which the Capital Subcommittee.
The School Committee Capital Subcommittee will meet again about Clark Road on January 14 to vote on a recommendation to the School Committee. The School Committee currently is planning to consider and vote on how to utilize the Clark Road facility at their meeting on January 16.