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Preliminary Construction Work on Driscoll School over February Vacation

Dear Driscoll School Community and Neighbors,

During next weeks’ vacation break, February 17-21, the Driscoll School building project team will be conducting onsite testing in preparation for the construction of the new school. These tests will take place on the tennis courts, playground, and open field area and will require the drilling of twenty or more small holes to collect core samples to understand the geological makeup of the site. As the samples are collected, the contractor will refill the holes and will return later to add additional fill after settling has occurred. We ask for your cooperation in staying off the field next week, as the grounds may not be in the best condition for public use.

All reasonable precautions are being taken to protect the field and playground areas for continued use during the remainder of the school year and we apologize for any inconvenience next week. We are very excited to take this next step in the construction of a brand new Driscoll School, one that will serve the entire community for many years to come.

Thank you so much and enjoy your holiday break.

Suzie Talukdar, Ed.D.