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Message from the School Committee and the Brookline Educators Union

March 20, 2020

Statement from the Brookline School Committee and the Brookline Educators Union


The School Committee and the Brookline Educators Union are pleased to have reached an agreement on the period of school closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Public Schools of Brookline (PSB) and the Brookline Educators Union (BEU) understand that this is a difficult time and we are committed to working closely together. We realize that this is a stressful time for individuals and families, and uncharted terrain for every single one of us.


Together, we are deeply grateful to our educators, staff and school leaders for your professionalism and passion, and to our families for your patience and perseverance. To our students: know that you are the very top priority for every one of us, and we are all committed to doing our very best to keep you healthy, engaged, and growing during this extraordinary time in our nation’s and our world’s history.


During this emergency, both the PSB and the BEU are looking forward to providing meaningful, high-quality, and equitable educational experiences for children. We agree that the best way to achieve this is to support wide-ranging opportunities for accessing learning, and educator creativity and collaboration. We also agree on the priority that whatever is provided be accessible to every student, including students with special needs and English learners. The schools will be generating additional resources and activities starting next week which are designed to keep students connected, engaged, learning, and preparing for when we are all able to be together again. These are not meant to replace live teaching. Families are the best judge of what students can handle.


While we all look forward to being back in our schools as soon as possible, we understand that this pandemic will have a wide variety of impacts on students, families, teachers and staff alike. In the meantime, we are all deeply committed to staying engaged and learning together as individuals and as a community.