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Brookline School Committee and Brookline Educators Union Statement on Paraprofessional Layoff Notification Date

June 14, 2020 -- The Brookline School Committee (BSC) and Brookline Educators Union (BEU) are pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement to extend the deadline for notices of nonrenewal and layoff for paraprofessionals.  The Paraprofessional Contract between the BEU and BSC sets a June 15 date for such notices.  This agreement extends this deadline to noon on June 22, the second to last day of school, giving the Central Administration an additional week to minimize the number of possible layoff notices that are subsequently rescinded.


This extension is similar to the one for licensed educators and mid-level administrators, when the BEU agreed to the BSC’s request to extend the May 15 deadline in the Unit A and B contracts to May 30. 


The BSC and BEU look forward to working together to navigate the effects of the pandemic in a way that best meets the needs of Brookline's students, staff, and community.


Suzanne Federspiel

Chair, Brookline School Committee


Jessica Wender-Shubow

President, Brookline Educators Union