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August 21 Reopening Update

Dear PSB Parents and Guardians, 

We are sending a quick reminder for you to complete the PSB Reopening Form for the 2020-21 School Year. 

The information collected in this form is necessary for PSB to understand enrollment and staffing needs better and determine class placements and building set-ups. We request that families complete the form for each child by Monday, August 24th if at all possible, recognizing that individual circumstances may vary. 


To help inform your choice we would like to share several updates and clarifications to our plan following initial feedback from families and staff. Please note that you can revise your selections on your student(s) reopening form even after submission.

  • Initial Time Commitment to Learning Model: Previously we communicated the initial time commitment to a learning model was through December 31. The new time commitment is September 16 to the beginning of November 2020. In November 2020, all PSB families will have the opportunity to change or affirm their learning model selection.
  • Remote Learning Academy (RLA) Philosophy: In RLA, we will build upon and promote the special connections students have to their home schools to the greatest extent possible. Class composition will depend on the number of students from each home school whose families elect RLA, and every effort will be made to make sure children have some familiar peers in their RLA class. Students in RLA will also have consistent opportunities to develop and build interpersonal relationships with their peers and teachers, and ultimately foster a sense of community that is prominent within all Brookline schools. The RLA will follow the same curriculum and learning expectations as all K-8 schools in Brookline, and will be staffed with Brookline teachers, guidance counselors, and have a certified principal and school leader. 
  • Remote Learning for BHS: PSB has also determined that the district RLA model will only be available for students entering grades K-8. Brookline High School students will participate in a separate remote-based option that is structured and developed from the BHS educational program, staff, community, and leadership. If you would like your BHS student to enroll completely remote from September to November 2020, you will still need to complete the reopening form and select “Option 1: Remote Only”. More information on the high school option was sent to high school families from Principal Meyer on August 20. 
  • Homeschool: Families who wish to homeschool and/or withdraw their student(s) from PSB for the 2020-21 school year must complete an application and send it to the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL). Please note that homeschooling is not synonymous with remote learning and a student cannot be withdrawn from the district until OTL has approved your educational plan.  For more information, please visit
  • Upcoming Parent Forum with SEPAC: There will also be a forum with Interim Superintendent Jim Marini on Tuesday, August 25,  2:00 - 3:30 p.m. hosted by the Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). Dr. Marini and his team will discuss reopening and implications for special education and will answer questions from the community. You can register for the online meeting here:

Finally, we want to share a frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage with you that our planning teams have developed. This FAQ includes essential information and resources about the reopening of school this fall, such as student enrollment, health and safety, and other new details about the RemotePlus plan. This webpage will be continually updated as more information is made available.

Please review the materials in detail and complete the reopening form on the Aspen Parent Portal. Video instructions to complete the form can be found here, and also on our district website

We appreciate and value your feedback.


Public Schools of Brookline