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Important Update and Required Survey on BHS Learning Options

The communication below provides important information from Brookline High School. Translated versions are available at the following links:


Dear Brookline High School Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers,


On Monday 3/15, I sent a lengthy update about our on-going efforts to increase in-person learning at Brookline High School. I pledged to provide further information soon and previewed that the week of 4/5-9 would be when we add additional students to our in-person learning cohort.


Over the last three weeks, the Brookline Educators Union (BEU) and School Committee engaged in negotiations to reduce the distancing between students to no less than three (3) feet. Those negotiations ended without an agreement, and now the district will move forward to reduce distancing based on the last best offer by the School Committee. 


We need all families to complete this survey by 5:00pm on Tuesday 3/30 to choose one of two options: full in-person learning or full remote beginning on Thursday 4/8. To be clear, beginning on 4/8/21, BHS will no longer be offering a hybrid option. While this survey deadline is an important one, we will continue to consider individual extenuating circumstances after this date. Although we have offered a great deal of flexibility for good reason this year, we are working to get ahead of DESE who will be mandating districts to prioritize in-person learning, dissolve hybrid approaches, and retain remote learning as an option for students and families who need it.


A couple important caveats:

  • We will be reducing distancing between students to no less than three (3) feet. At OLS, we imagine almost all classrooms will be at three (3) feet of distance. It may be that at 115 Greenough Street the distancing will be greater than three (3) feet, but that will depend on our survey results.

  • Our Wednesdays will continue to be remote on Wednesday 4/7 and Wednesday 4/14. We want to provide students, staff, and families notice that beginning on Wednesday 4/28 (the week after April Break), our Wednesdays will be in-person and will feature a different schedule.

  • We are making some changes to our schedule beginning the week of 4/5-9 and what we believe will be final changes the week of 4/26-30.

  • The MoA negotiations resulted in our no longer having early release PD days twice a month. As a result, Monday 3/29 is now a full day of school, not a 12:30 early dismissal.

We are making these changes because we believe they will benefit our students. A return to fully in-person schooling with a remote option for students and families who need is critically important. BHS Administrators will be working hard to share information with all of our students and families so that everyone understands their options.


While we are rightly prioritizing student needs as we make these changes, I am asking all parents, guardians, and caregivers to understand the significant change this represents for educators. I have been deeply proud of the efforts of our faculty and staff this year. They have weathered both change and challenge, including simultaneously teaching and supporting students in-person, hybrid, and remote. Dissolving hybrid as an option reduces some of the complexity but BHS teachers will continue to instruct both remote and in-person students at the same time. They thus need our support and encouragement, especially as we reduce distancing and bolster in-person learning. If anyone has questions or criticism about the approaches Brookline High School has taken this school year, those should be directed to me as the head of school. My faculty, staff, and administration will continue to work hard to meet the needs of all students and families, especially within another major transition during the 20-21 year epic journey.




Anthony Meyer

Head of School