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Updated Link to PSB Grievance Procedures

Below is an updated link to the Public Schools of Brookline Section 504 Grievance Procedure.  The Section 504 Grievance Procedure is intended to provide for the prompt and equitable resolution of any complaints alleging any action prohibited by Section 504 or Title II. The procedure listed within the Grievance procedure are provided as a vehicle to fairly and expeditiously resolve concerns when they arise.

Please note that it is against the law for the Public Schools of Brookline or any staff member to retaliate against anyone who asserts rights or privileges under any civil rights law, or who files a complaint, testifies, assists, or participates in a proceeding under these laws. This would include, but is not limited to, filing a grievance or cooperating in the investigation of a grievance.  Federal civil rights laws make it unlawful to retaliate against an individual for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by these laws. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to intimidating, threatening, coercing, or in any way discriminating against the individual because of the individual’s advocacy, complaint or participation. The District will investigate all complaints of alleged discrimination and/or retaliation. 

Maria Letasz of the Public Schools of Brookline is responsible for Section 504 and Title II Compliance for the Public Schools of Brookline. As the District Section 504/Title II Coordinator, she will investigate all complaints of disability-based discrimination and/or retaliation. Should you have any questions or wish to file a complaint, she can be reached at 333 Washington Street, Brookline, MA 02445 or at 617-730-2460.