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October 12 Statement from the Brookline School Committee

The communication below provides important information from the Brookline School Committee. Translated versions are available at the following links:

Continuing Learning for Students Absent due to COVID-19 

The Public Schools of Brookline have been seeking ways to provide continuity of instruction for students who are absent due to COVID-19. The School Committee is in full agreement with the approach outlined in our tentative Memorandum of Agreement with the Brookline Educators Union, which is quoted below. We will support our educators, administrators, and families as they work together to keep students connected with their classrooms.

“The District has made investments in technology and training for educators to facilitate continuing learning for students who are absent. Educators, in consultation with administrators, will utilize available technologies such as live-streaming (where pedagogically appropriate) to provide continuity of instruction for students who are absent because of COVID-19. Live-streaming is when students who are absent can watch the lesson and work in the classroom as it is occurring; however, unlike synchronous instruction, the educator is not required to actively engage the student who is absent while live-streaming. Educators shall teach students remotely when the entire class/school is quarantining. The Parties agree to continue discussions regarding the details and options for continuity of instruction.”