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Prospective Student Tours – Brookline High School

Hello! We are excited to share this amazing educational institution and caring community with you! If you decide to come to one of our tours, please call to confirm which date and how many people will attend.


Also be aware that parking is tight in the vicinity of the high school so leave a few extra minutes in your schedule to accommodate. When you arrive, please enter the main entrance to the high school at 115 Greenough St, Brookline. When you enter the atrium, take an immediate right to the Main Guidance office, Room 161. You can wait there until the tour begins.


We look forward to meeting you!

Darby Neff-Verre
Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling
Brookline High School
115 Greenough Street
Brookline, MA 02445

To confirm attendance, please call the Main Guidance Office at Brookline High: (617)-713-5016 or email

List of tour dates:

  • October 19 – 9-10 am

  • November 16 – 9-10 am

  • December 14 – 9-10 am

  • January 11 – 9-10 am

  • Feburary 15 – 9-10 am

  • March 15 – 9-10 am

  • April 5 – 9-10 am

  • May 17 – 9-10 am