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Rising 9th Grade Students (Class of 2025) Transition Events at Brookline High School

Greetings from Brookline High School! As the new year begins, we set our sights on the eighth to ninth grade transition, recognizing that the Class of 2025 enters BHS in September 2021 and that this process happens quickly. While we are nearly nine months away from the 2021-22 school year, we already are thrilled to have you and your students join our vibrant, diverse school community.


As part of this process, we invite you to a series of informational events about our high school academic and student support program, as well as the many opportunities available to your students next year and beyond. We design these transition events to orient you to BHS and to answer many of your questions. Just as your students are preparing for one of life’s larger transitional periods, we recognize that families also will experience something new, exciting, and, at times, daunting. These events thus serve as a bridge to help everyone transition to BHS.

As you likely know, construction for our high school expansion project began two summers ago. This project required the demolition of the Tappan wing of the main campus, necessitating the use of the district’s Old Lincoln School (OLS) for the duration of construction. We have used OLS last year and this year for 9th grade, creating a program in which students experience a unified high school, including access to BHS’s rich course offerings. The current construction timeline has our new mostly ninth grade building at 22 Tappan Street opening in the middle of next year. This means we will start 2021- 2022 by utilizing OLS for the Class of 2025.


We realize that ninth-graders need strong academic and socio-emotional supports as they transition to high school. We have assembled a faculty and staff for OLS that is uniquely equipped to provide this support. To be clear, Old Lincoln School is part of our larger campus; in practice, this means the majority of our ninth graders will take classes at both OLS and the main campus with 9th grade students continuing to travel between Old Lincoln School and the main campus.

In preparation for next year, we believe the events detailed below are particularly important opportunities to hear directly about the eighth to ninth grade transition from the high school. While we encourage you to attend as many events as possible and know you will benefit from them, we also realize how busy life becomes. If you cannot attend every session, do not worry. Given each of these events will be recorded, they will be easy both to watch live and to view at another time. We will work with PTO leaders at our K-8 schools so that information from these events, and the transition process in general, is shared. Please review the transition event program and schedule that we have included below. Our faculty, staff, and administration are working incredibly hard on planning for this change and look forward to sharing what we believe will be a powerful balance of a ninth-grade cohort experience and connections with the larger BHS community.

For now, we look forward to seeing you soon at the eighth-grade transition events and sharing all that Brookline High School has to offer. Welcome!




Anthony Meyer
Head of School

Hal Mason
Assistant Head of School

Jenee Uttaro
Dean of BHS@OLS


Tuesday, 2/2@ 7pm via
Zoom Webinar

Curriculum Night for English, Social Studies, Science, Math, World Language, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Career and Technology Education, and Health/Fitness. It is a chance to hear from our leadership team, especially Curriculum Coordinators from each subject area.

Thursday 2/4 @ 6pm via
Zoom Webinar

Overview of Special Education services and programs. For families of incoming 9th grade students receiving special education services (IEP) to meet our special education leadership and available staff members. You will learn about the high school's robust continuum of special education programming.

Thursday, Feb. 25 @
6:30pm for parents,
guardians and students
via Zoom Webinar

OLS informational Night. This is a special night for parents and students to come learn more about the OLS experience and program elements we give priority to in the 9th grade. Parents, guardians, and caretakers will hear more about our 2021-22 planning, ask questions, and offer feedback.

After a short break, the head of school, deans for the Class of 2024, and a panel of students will share and answer questions about life at BHS, including the 8th to 9th grade transition.

Monday, Mar. 8 @ 7pm
via Zoom Webinar

Introduction to Athletics: Parents and students are invited to a presentation and Q&A session about our interscholastic athletic program.