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PSB Educators to collectively learn and implement Anti-Racism Work on Staff Professional Development Day

Public Schools of Brookline will close schools on Tuesday, November 8, to host a Professional Development Day (PD) for over 1,600 educators across the district. 


While students have the day off, PSB staff will refine their instructional methods and practices through various school-based activities. This year’s program will feature racial justice educator and writer Debby Irving as our keynote speaker. Ms. Irving will help our community explore how we can learn and interrupt the harmful racial patterns in our lives to further personal and professional activism. 


For the first time in over five years, professional development day will also be a district-wide opportunity. Staff members of every sector and school in PSB will participate in the same program and training on Tuesday. Educators will also have time to discuss this work in small breakout sessions with one another and within their departments or school-building communities.


PSB greatly values this time for educators to share, think, and collaborate to improve our collective practices. We are excited for the opportunity for individuals to come together in one space to learn, share stories and insights, and continue our anti-racism work.