What's Buzzing at the Hive #7

Posted by Jennifer Buller on 12/8/2019 9:00:00 PM

Hello Coolidge Corner School Families and Friends!

It is hard to believe that we are just two quick weeks away from our winter break!  Where has the time gone? It feels just like yesterday that we were welcoming students back through our doors in flip flops and t-shirts and here we are now bundled up in mittens and boots! 

Below you will find some information about upcoming events at CCS over the next two weeks including our Bee Day celebration, Picture Retake Day and Winter Sing Along as well as after school supervision.   


Bee Day

SHHHH!! Tomorrow we will announce to our students that our hive is filled and we are ready for our all school celebration in recognition of all of our students working hard, being kind, and helping others these past 3 months of school.  We will celebrate the filling of our hive on Tuesday, December 10th in the following ways:

Grades 6-8: PAJAMA DAY and MUSIC in the cafeteria at lunch time

  • Students will be notified Monday that Tuesday is a pajama day
  • Music will be played at lunchtime in the cafeteria


  • BEVO will deliver certificates in the morning to let kids know about the lunch party; BEVO will be at lunch/recess
  • The cafeteria will feature: 
    • music, decorations, stickers, and bee themed surprises
    • BEVO appearance
  • Freeze dance at the end of the lunch period
  • Special BEE Crafts will be made available for teachers to use in class if they would like
  • For students who have  lunch groups 
    • Teachers will bring students to the cafeteria with supervision as needed OR
    • Let the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) team know they will supply lunch groups with materials, decorations, and ideas for their own party!

When you are in the building next, stop by the Hive on the second floor right outside the library (by the elevator) to take a look at all the bees filling the hive and the many ways our students demonstrate our school motto and make positive contributions to the community each and every day! 

CCS Photo Retake Day

Tomorrow, Monday December 9th, is our photo retake day.  Please see the flyer more information if you are interested in having your student retake their photo.

PreK-8 Winter Sing Along

On Friday, December 20th we will gather all our students PreK-8 for a Winter Sing Along in our big gym.  Just as the middle school students led and were the focus of our DFL and Fall Sports Pep Rally on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our K-3 students will take center stage for the Winter Sing Along and lead our entire student body in song as we prepare for the Winter Break.  We are excited to offer more opportunities this year for all our students to gather together and share in common experiences as a whole school community.  

Playground/Field Conditions and After School Supervision

With the cold and snowy weather our playground and fields have gotten icy and awfully slippery.  During the school day we keep our students off of the rocks in the rain garden throughout the whole year.  We encourage families who are on the playground after school hours to keep kids off the rocks, especially with the snow and ice.  The rocks can become very slippery under the snow and ice and we want to make sure everyone is safe.  

The only treated surfaces on our back playground are the paved surfaces such as the paths and loop around the play structure.  The synthetic and natural grass surfaces, basketball courts, and resilient surface under the play structures can not be treated with ice melt or salt.  As such, please be mindful of the slippery surfaces as you are supervising your children after school.  

Even though the building is open after school hours, the only students who are expected to be in the building are students who are participating in programs housed in the school.  Students who are consistently violating our school expectations for safe behavior outside or inside the building after school may be asked to refrain from being on school grounds unsupervised after school hours.  


This is our last What’s Buzzing at the Hive update before the new calendar year.  These next few weeks can certainly feel busy for many of us.  As we approach the winter holidays we are reminded to share the gifts of kindness and compassion with everyone in our community and take the time to slow down and participate in mindful moments each day.  As you drop off, pick up, or visit the building these next weeks, take a moment to share a warm smile, introduce yourself to someone you may not know, and pause to share gratitude with another member of the community.  These little acts of kindness can bring joy to someone’s day and build and brighten our positive connected community.  

I look forward to seeing many of you around the building before the winter break!