Day 2 School Closure Update

Posted by Jennifer Buller on 3/16/2020 5:00:00 PM

Hello Coolidge Corner Families and Friends,


I hope everyone is home safe and has access to the items and services that help you feel prepared and calm during these uncertain times.  My number one priority right now is ensuring that all of the students and our families are safe, healthy, and can access things that ensure basic needs are met, especially now that our closure has been extended per Governor Baker.  If you are experiencing hardships, challenges, or obstacles in securing things to meet basic needs please reach out directly to me and I will work with local corresponding agencies and services to help support you and your family. Our goals during this difficult time should be to focus on empathy and compassion and show love to each other when possible while adhering to the very important health and safety guidelines around social distancing.


Virtual Hive 

As you may know, every day at the Coolidge Corner School our staff recognizes students who are following our core values of Work Hard, Be Kind, and Help Others.  We show this recognition by handing out “bees” and working together to fill our hive on the second floor full of examples of working hard, being kind, and helping others.  Each Wednesday I share a morning announcement and read aloud a few of the bees students received throughout the week to help promote and encourage more instances of positive prosocial behavior.  Once our hive is filled we have a whole school celebration- Bee Day! 

In an effort to try to bring normalcy, stability, and togetherness during this strange time we find ourselves in I have created a virtual hive.  Every day you can share examples of your child working hard, being kind, and/or helping others and I will put a small bee in our virtual hive for every share.  You can share these examples by emailing me and/or tweeting using #WorkHardBeKindHelpOthers. On Wednesday mornings at 8:30a.m I will host a Zoom meeting to share some of the examples from Twitter and email just like I would do if we were in school.  You can also view the virtual hive each day with your child(ren) to see it fill as the days go on and encourage them to help add to the hive. 

I hope that this, in addition to our nightly bedtime story routine will help keep us connected and working towards a common goal.  If we fill the hive we will have a special Bee Day celebration in recognition of all the good work our CCS bees did during the closure.  


Wednesday Morning Announcements Zoom Invite 

Topic: Wednesday Morning Announcements

        Mar 18, 2020 08:30 AM

        Mar 25, 2020 08:30 AM

        Apr 1, 2020 08:30 AM

        Apr 8, 2020 08:30 AM

        Apr 15, 2020 08:30 AM

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


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Building in Controlled Choice 

As you work on creating routines and schedules for your child(ren) I want to share the importance of building in controlled choices for your child(ren)’s day.  Right now our children are experiencing a loss of control and autonomy as their world shrinks and adults take more and more control of their movements and access to ensure everyone’s safety.  When children lose their sense of control we can see an increase in unexpected and difficult behaviors as a result of their rising anxiety and uncomfortable feelings.

To help manage this time, and help your child(ren) regain control and autonomy, you could consider offering controlled choice within their day.  You might make up a menu of options of activities they could engage in, designate which ones must be in the schedule and which are optional. Then let your child(ren) choose and arrange the activities in a schedule that works for them and you.  By allowing them to determine which preselected activities happen and when gives them back some control and autonomy, something they are lacking right now and need in order to feel safe and secure. Check out some of the examples and modifications on the CCS PTO twitter (@coolidgecnrpto) 


Design for Change 

One of our CCS families heads up Design for Change and wanted to share this resource with everyone to help empower our students to be agents of change at this time.  


Design for Change is a global movement activating young people to take action on social causes that are important to them, their schools and their communities. Students go through a simple design thinking process: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share to understand and address the UN Global Goals, generating empathy, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills along the way. 

Check out how students in New York, are using Feel, Imagine, Do, Share to Stop the Spread of infectious diseases! #SUDS4Society 


Looking for ways to engage your students/children during school closures? Check out our free Social Cause Podcasts with accompanying activities that can easily be done at home with parents and caretakers! 

Now is the time for empathy, let students show you how! 

As you read in Superintendent Lummis’ update last night, the Office of Teaching and Learning is working with Brookline Educators Union (BEU) on expectations and resources for learning during the emergency closure.  I will continue to work with our School Support Team (guidance counselors, social worker, school psychologists, educational team facilitators, vice principals, and nurses) on identifying needs for families and students and connecting the resources out in the community to those in need of additional support during this time.  Additionally I am including some resources for talking to your child(ren) about COVID-19 and managing any anxiety that might be rising at this time of social distancing. The Brookline Center encourages you to be in touch with them at (617) 277-8107 if you or someone you care for is having difficulty coping with the coronavirus crisis or is otherwise experiencing poor mental health during this time. 

Talking to Children about COVID-19 (National Association of School Psychologists)

Managing Reactions to the Coronavirus (Riverside Trauma Center)

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19 (The National Child Trauma Stress Network)


Though we may not be able to stop in and check on neighbors and each other because of the social distancing guidelines that we must allow follow to help flatten the curve, we can reach out with a phone call, a text message, a video call, or email to let each other know we are thinking of one another and are still a strong and connected community.  My daughter has currently taken to writing hand written notes to relatives, friends, and neighbors as a way to keep up her writing practice and connect with others. We will all find our own ways to stay connected. We have endured much together as a community and each challenge we have previously faced has allowed us to share strengths and get creative in maintaining our bond.  This is yet another challenge for us to face together and I am sure we will learn, grow, and persevere as we have done so brilliantly before.


I hope to see some of you in a few hours for our first bedtime story tonight on Zoom!