Vacation: Fun Time and Learning Time

Posted by Monica Crowley on 12/17/2018 7:00:00 AM


Dear Families,

Vacations are wonderful for families and friends to spend quality time together.  Whether you are staying local or travelling, vacation is time to reconnect, continue to learn about each other and from each other, and engage in activities that may not be readily available during the busy school/work week.  The following ideas are possibilities for students and their families to put on a “To Do” list for the December break.  How many can your family do?

-Go to the library and take out a book of every family member’s choice.

-Read the books and discuss the parts you like the best while sipping hot cocoa.

-Have your child map out a walking loop that is two miles long near your home.

-Go on the two-mile walk, two times during the December vacation.

-When you have to go to the supermarket, have your child tell you the cost of each item and guess how much the total cost will be before you get to the checkout counter.

-Play a board game.

-Pick out a recipe and cook it together as a family.

-Have all family members agree on one movie they all want to watch. Sit down with some treats, no phones and watch the whole movie in one sitting!

-Take two pictures of each family, print them out and then make a family collage!


Have a spectacular December break!


Monica, Maisha and Peter