Driscoll Arts Equinox

Last week, the Driscoll school celebrated one of its most beloved traditions – the Arts Equinox.


The Arts Equinox is a celebration of arts, where teachers, administrators, parents and students to take a break from the normal school day and explore their creative side.


Students experience a mix of hands-on projects, workshops, and performances, specially curated for individual grades. Past performers include drumming groups, dance troupes, storytellers, and theater companies, representing cultures from all over the world. Workshops for students, taught by Driscoll teachers, artistic parents and visiting artists, include paper making, photography, beatboxing, drumming, improv, flamenco dancing, hip-hop dancing, ceramics, sewing, and Shakespearean acting.


The kick-off for Arts Equinox has always been a huge all-school art exhibit. Ms. Olivia Reyelt and a team of dedicated parents make sure every student's work is represented in the show, and the whole community turns out to celebrate the joy of making art!


Art Collage from Driscoll Arts Equinox