• Music

  • Dear Lincoln K-3 families,
    My name is Damon Carter. This is my third year teaching music at Lincoln School.  Every year has brought new opportunities and adventures in music. I have enjoyed teaching and learning from the terrific students here.  This year, our learning expectations will include the following:  Reading and notating music, performing, listening and appreciation, creating, and finally the elements of music.  We will also perform a winter concert in January, and a spring concert in June. You will receive quarterly newsletters during the school year that will describe in detail which of these concepts we’ve covered and information about upcoming performances.
    I look forward to meeting you during this school year. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email below with questions or concerns about your student or our curriculum. Thank you for your support of the performing arts at Lincoln School.
    Damon Carter, K-3 Music Teacher Lincoln School

    Ms. Erin Murphy, Music Teacher
    Mr. Elton Xhoja, Music Teacher