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  • Updates and Access & Equity

    Posted by Jennifer Buller on 11/20/2017 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Lower Devo Families and Friends, 

    We hope this finds you well and preparing to spend some time together over the holiday weekend.  As a reminder there is a NOON DISMISSAL on Wednesday and NO LUNCH will be served.  School is CLOSED Thursday and Friday this week.  Below are some reminders about upcoming events and information about our ongoing access and equity work that we referenced in our last communication.  


    Community Forums-New Devotion School: 

    All parents/guardians are welcome to attend one of the following meetings at Lower Devotion so that we can include as many voices as possible about the new Devotion School.

    December 6th from 8:00-9:00am at Lower Devotion (Morning Meeting)

    January 25th from 6:00-7:30pm at Lower Devotion (Evening Meeting)


    Jolly Jaunt for Special Olympics:

    This will be our fourth consecutive year fielding a team of student and family runners in the Jolly Jaunt for Special Olympics!  This flat, short 5K course around downtown Boston is a great way to come together and be active as a community as we support Special Olympics athletes and their families both here in Brookline and in the greater Massachusetts community.  Students and families can walk or run the 5K.  We are hoping to have a big team this year of 50 Devo community members- we are 35 members shy of our goal.  To join our team visit our Devo Dashers Team Page and click on the Join Now link.  Hope to see you there! 


    Access and Equity Work at Devotion School 2017-2018

    Faculty Development:

    We have dedicated 7 faculty meetings this year at which we will use a modified structure of Intentional Learning Communities (ILCs) to focus on access and equity. Groups are made up of vertical team members that span all roles across the school. We are using the aspects from the ILC framework and protocols from School Reform Initiative to support our conversations and examinations of practices, dilemmas, student work, and other facets of school life at Devotion that contribute to inequitable outcomes for our students. To help guide our work in our "ILCs" we used the District Core Value regarding Educational Equity to help create our own vision of access and equity at Devotion School.

    Our Devotion School Vision of Access and Equity:

    As educators at Devotion School we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to achieve at high levels and feel connected , valued , and respected in our community. As part of this belief we understand that different students need different supports and approaches to achieve equitable access and outcomes.

    We believe in fostering citizenship amongst our students that promotes equity and social justice through increasing levels of cultural proficiency.

    As educators at Devotion School we believe that through our collaborative practices we will achieve a culture of reflection that works towards addressing the structures within our school that result in unintentional bias , structural racism , and inequitable outcomes.

    Our “ILCs” will use the District Core Value and our working vision of access and equity to guide our work and discussions this year. Facilitators of these groups from both Upper and Lower Devotion Schools met this summer to work on goals and developing facilitation skills with Gabe McCormick. The facilitators meet and check in regularly both within and across both school sites to co-plan each session and use feedback from group participants in real time to adjust session topics based on the needs of participants.

    Community Outreach:

    Working with various community leaders, partners, educators, and stakeholders we have created monthly outreach meetings that will take place at the community room at the Egmont/Trustman public housing complex. The goals of these events include: relationship building between families and school personnel, connecting families to school and community resources, strengthening bridging relationships between families, and providing resources and support to access life at Devotion School. The events include: Drums and Wellness with Jonathan Mande (community drum circles), Literacy Nights (building literacy skills and connecting families with resources), Community Partnership Nights (Steps To Success, PTO, Parent Portal, MySchoolBucks, financial assistance paperwork support, camp/kindergarten registration support, progress reports, general and special education supports), and Math Nights (building math skills through take home games).  The dates and times of these events are on our shared Devotion School Community calendar.

    We hope to see many of our families at each of the above events and we wish everyone safe travels, good health, and time for connection with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  

    Jen and Dave

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Upper Devotion Principal's Blog

  • Community Forums/Recess

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 12/11/2017 7:00:00 AM


    Now that the first snow has arrived, please make sure your students are dressed properly.  We want students to be able to go outside as much as possible and enjoy themselves in this beautiful New England weather!  

    Community Forums-New Devotion School: 

    All parents/guardians are welcome to attend one of the following meetings at Lower Devotion so that we can include as many voices as possible about the new Devotion School.

    December 6th from 8:00-9:00am at Lower Devotion (Morning Meeting)-Our first forum was well attended.  Families learned about survey results and had another opportunity to share their input about our transition back to the new Devotion school in August 2017.

    January 25th from 6:00-7:30pm at Lower Devotion (Evening Meeting)-Once again, if you attended the December meeting, you do not need to attend this January meeting as the information will be the same. 



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