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  • Class Placement and Updates

    Posted by Jennifer Buller on 7/18/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Coolidge Corner School Families and Friends,

    We hope that this finds you well and having a fantastic start to the summer break!  Our summer has already been very busy packing up the last boxes, wrapping items in lots of bubble wrap, and labeling everything that will move back with us to our new building at 345 Harvard Street.  This afternoon we will be mailing out the class placement assignments along with several other pieces of information. This mailing will arrive to the address you used to register your student with the Public Schools of Brookline.  In addition to the class placement assignment you will find a welcome letter from us, a letter and supply list (if necessary) from your student’s teacher/team, a labeled map of our new building, and information from our PTO. Later this summer, once we have a more definitive timeline regarding the move and have more of the procedures for arrival and dismissal worked out, we will send out a second mailing which will include information important to the first day of school and the opportunity for summer tours of the new building.  In the meanwhile you can access our Family FAQ document for more information about the transition.  

     As many of you know, class building is a multifaceted team effort to which the Coolidge Corner School faculty and staff devotes a great deal of time and thought. This is a careful, deliberate, and structured process that weighs many factors such as academic strength, gender, racial and ethnic identity, social maturity, special education needs, and supportive peer configurations.  Our goal is to build balanced, compatible classes of similar size. Friendships are considered and weighed carefully against other important factors that impact academics. Each class has been built to have students who can spark each other, have common interests, and will work well together as a cohesive community.   

     Given all that has gone into creating balanced class lists for next year, we cannot accept requests for changes. Class lists are firm and will not change now that they are published.

     Although the transition from one year to the next can be an emotional time, your reaction to this class assignment can have a significant effect on your child’s response. Should your child be disappointed not to be with a best friend or a sibling’s teacher, you can best help by listening and conveying your complete, sincere confidence that he or she will manage just fine with the new teacher and classmates. Pointing out the positive aspects of a new year, such as meeting a new teacher, getting to work with new classmates, and making new friends, builds excitement and instills confidence. Working together, we can get the next school year off to the best possible start.


    There are a few staffing changes that we would like to celebrate with you:  

    • Ashley Mello will be joining our 5th grade team and replaces Pamela Foggo.  Ashley has worked at the Coolidge Corner School for the past 2 years. For the past year and a half she has worked as a long term substitute teacher on our Grade 1 team.  We are thrilled to have Ashley continue to support our community in this new role!

    • Sarah Falvey will be joining our Special Education team as a grades 3-4 Learning Center teacher and replaces Alice Duket.  Prior to joining us at the Coolidge Corner School, Sarah worked as the Positive Behavior Support paraprofessional at the Pierce School here in Brookline and a long term substitute in a learning center in Brockton.  We are so excited to welcome Sarah into our community!

    • Jackie Graham will be joining our Therapeutic Learning Center team as our K-3 TLC teacher and replaces Janice Gaudette.  We are welcoming Jackie back to our community as she has spent the past two year working as a therapeutic learning center program teacher in Medford.  Prior to that she served as our Positive Behavior Support paraprofessional for two years. We are delighted to have Jackie return to our community!


    We are in the final stages of our vice principal search.  As you are aware, we are searching for a K-4 vice principal to join Saeed Ola who will continue on as our grades 5-8 vice principal.  Currently we have conducted an initial round of interviews with our team made up of 2 teachers, 2 family representatives, Dave O’Hara, Jen Buller, and Saeed Ola.  The interview team has recommended one candidate for a final interview round and reference checking which will be completed by the end of this week. We hope to be able to reach out to you with additional information regarding this search process next week.  

     This will be a busy summer for our community as we reconnect our community at 345 Harvard Street.  Please keep an eye out both in the mail and email for information regarding the transition. You can also follow us on Twitter @TheHiveInCC for photos of the new building and our move.  We will also be working on updating and consolidating information on our website throughout the summer.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

     We wish everyone a healthy and happy start to the summer break and hope you find yourselves with some time to read, explore the outdoors, and share laughs with family and friends.  


    Jen and Dave

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