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  • The John D. Runkle School has a long and illustrious history in Brookline, dating back to its founding in 1897. Runkle School is named for John Daniel Runkle, who was a Chairman of the Brookline School Committee and an early advocate of Mathematics and technical education. He was also a founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as its second president. 

    Runkle is proud of its vibrant community, our rigorous academic program, support for the arts, and a belief in teaching the "whole" child. Runkle embraces its diverse community, and we are deeply committed to the work of Brookline’s Equity Project. Located in the Fisher Hill neighborhood between Route 9 and Beacon Street, Runkle School has a population of 515 students in grades Pre-K through 8. Runkle is host to many of the Spanish English Language Learner students in Brookline and to programs for children on the PDD/Autism Spectrum. This program is called Reaching for Independence Through Structured Education (RISE).

    In the RISE Program, a team approach to service delivery is utilized for students participating. Students receive academic instruction, social skills training, behavioral intervention and related services. Services are provided in range of settings from substantially separate to full inclusion in a general education classroom. A primary focus for all RISE students is to increase independence with a variety of skills including self-help, social skills, behavior management, academics, communication, and executive functioning.

    The Runkle School Council is actively committed to working on the school's annual School Improvement Plan.

    The Runkle School PTO is a very active organization that helps build community at Runkle through our Family Picnic and annual Halloween Fair in the fall, Ice-skating Night, Square-Dancing Night, BINGO Night in the winter, the gala International Night, and the annual Music and Arts Festival in the spring. The PTO supports school activities by supplementing teacher supplies, underwriting class field trips, providing scholarships, and raising school spirit. 

  • School Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00-2:30

    Friday: 8:00-1:40


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  • Main Office (617) 879-4650


    Donna Finnegan, Principal



    Elizabeth Castellana, Vice Principal



    Tracey Legendre, Secretary



    Linda Delvecchio, Building Aide



    Janet Campbell, Nurse



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