• ALC Program

    Adaptive Learning Center

    The Adaptive Learning Center (ALC) is a district-wide K-8 special education program that services students with severe and multiple disabilities including, but not limited to, communication, intellectual, developmental and physical challenges. The students in this program are active and included members of the Lincoln School community, and participate throughout the school day with adult support as required. Learning occurs within the ALC classroom and their grade level general education classroom. 

    The ALC provides overarching support across multiple domains. Students in this program may be working on independence in functional/grade level curriculum as well as advancing in life skills  including:

    • activities of daily living (i.e. toileting, eating and dressing)

    • safety skills

    • communication 

    • physical abilities 

    • behavior/self management

    • social/play and leisure activities

    These life skills are taught in an intensive, systematic, and individualized way with an emphasis on generalizing the skills across settings. Student programming reflects a wide range of abilities and learning styles and is individualized to specific needs, including adaptive and modified materials needed to access grade level curricula. 

    ALC Team

    Sarah Cellucci
    Lower grades ALC Teacher
    Mami Sato
    Upper Grades ALC Teacher