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  • Attendance Line: (617) 879-4343

    We Are:

    • a learning community where all members embrace a growth mindset to be the best they can be!
    • a community of 600 students, kindergarten through 8th grade
    • A dynamic staff of over 110
    • Multicultural and multilingual
    • A hub for after school programs, including LEDP and LSA

    A community of teachers, parents/caregivers and students who are working to be our best selves. Come join us!


Principal's Corner

  • January PTO/Principal Forum

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 1/11/2022 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Lawrence Families,


    Please join us for the January PTO/Principal forum for grades K-8 on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 via Zoom from 7:00-8:00pm.  The meeting link will be emailed to families closer to the date.


    We will be joined by guest speakers Jenee Uttaro (Senior Director of Equity) and Dr. Matt DuBois (Assistant Director of Guidance, Clinical Services, and Social-Emotional Learning.)


    Stay warm,



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  • Welcome Back

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 1/4/2022 7:00:00 AM


    Dear Lawrence Families,

    I hope you were able to find some time to find joy and love during the December break.  The New Year has come in with a bang and we are all trying to be so careful as we navigate the increase of COVID infection rates all around us.

    Please take care and monitor yourself and your children carefully.  The staff and I have reviewed all the important mitigation behaviors, and have been sharing them again with students. I have copied the superintendent's message below for all to see.

    Stay well,



    Greetings PSB community,

    I want to thank you again for your continued flexibility, support, and patience over the past few days. Unforeseen obstacles, crises, and challenges will always emerge in any school year, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated opportunities for the unexpected…and we are about to enter our snow season! Nevertheless, I want to reiterate PSB’s commitment to keeping schools open for in-person learning. We expect buildings to remain open and we will continue to facilitate an environment that allows all of us to consistently attend school in a safe and healthy manner.

    As we have done since September, PSB will enforce and update mitigation strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within our community. Some of these changes you may have already experienced today during your return:

    • Wherever possible, large meetings with staff will be held virtually. This includes clubs, faculty meetings, professional development, and any other large group meetings currently scheduled for January in which staff would typically gather in person.
    • During lunches, students may only have their masks off only while actively eating. Staff will also enforce as much physical distancing between students as possible. Additionally, ventilation - either through the portable HVAC units in our buildings or through open windows - should be maintained at all times during large student gatherings. We also encourage students to eat outside whenever possible.
    • Only PSB employees, students, and visitors considered educationally essential (e.g. substitutes, volunteers during the school day, etc.) will be permitted in our school buildings.
    • Depending on the venue, athletic events and other performances will either have no spectators or be restricted to parents/guardians only. Athletic Directors, Performing Arts Staff, and School Leaders will communicate specific details regarding outside participation in the days leading up to each event or performance.

    We are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the guidance above will change over time. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge how far we have come as a community. If we continue to build relationships with one another and practice a culture of care, I am confident that we will overcome any obstacles that are presented, and I look forward to great things happening in 2022.


    Linus J. Guillory Jr., PhD
    Superintendent of Schools



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  • Happy December Break

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 12/23/2021 12:00:00 PM

    Dear Lawrence Families,

    To all of you, I wish you the most relaxing, restful, joyful and loving holiday season and December break.  May we all return healthy and ready to make the most of every day!

    See you on Monday, January 3, 2022 for a regular full day.



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  • Spirit Week!

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 12/17/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Get Ready:  Lawrence Spirit Week:  Week of December 19th!

    For ALL students and staff (and families at home)!


    Monday, December 20-Wear Lawrence gear or the colors purple/maroon


    Tuesday, December 21-Wear as many pieces of white clothing as you can to celebrate the Winter Solstice


    Wednesday, December 22-Wear your favorite scarf or hat or both


    Thursday, December 23- (Noon Dismissal) Wear Pajamas and/or Flannel or your favorite comfy clothes


    Lawrence Loyalty!!


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  • Thank You Lawrence PTO

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 12/1/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Lawrence Families,

    As we are in the holiday season, it is the perfect time to reflect a bit more deeply about the people we have in our lives. Here at the Lawrence School, the staff and I are thankful and grateful for the Lawrence PTO.

    The Lawrence PTO is run by Lawrence parents/caregivers.  They provide us with learning materials, classroom tools, and books for professional development. They organize inclusive events for all to enjoy that bring our learning community together to learn, laugh and have fun.  Even during COVID we have enjoyed Coffee and Kleenex gatherings, new family welcome, a DICE gathering, the Japanese Fair, snack afternoon, apple pie making, and more.

    Parents/caregivers volunteer as lunch and recess monitors, help organize picture day, provide opportunities for students to volunteer and raise money to support our school with any needs we have.

    The Lawrence School is a great school because our PTO creates the conditions for students to go beyond learning and learn what it means to be a positive and productive member of our school community.

    Thank you, Lawrence PTO!



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  • Happy Thanksgiving and Tech Free/Almost Free Week!

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 11/18/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Lawrence Families,

    This is a friendly reminder that November 24th (the day before Thanksgiving) is an early release day.

    K-8 students will be dismissed at Noon.

    • Also...

      The Lawrence staff will honor a screen free/almost free week of Thanksgiving. The goal of this is to strengthen personal interactions between and among staff and students, and for all members of our learning community to be more present with our family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday break.

      We will try to commit to not using technology or use technology with intentionality from Sunday, November 21st at noon to Sunday, November 28th at noon.

      We hope this exercise helps us “pause” from or “reduce” our use of technology and strengthen our ability to connect with colleagues and students in real time. Most staff will not be using technology in school for Monday, Tuesday and the half day on Wednesday save a few lessons that require technology due to student presentations /activities that are central to the classroom learning community. Staff will also try to not assign homework this week, so students do not have to use computers at home for school purposes. We hope you join us in trying to eliminate or reduce screen time at home!

      *(Wednesday, November 24th is an early release day for all students due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Students will be dismissed at noon and lunch will not be served.)

      If you have time sensitive information you need to share during our screen free week, we encourage you to share by phone and not via email, as staff will be trying to observe the screen free week. You can call the school at 617-879-4300 and the main office staff can share your message.

      May the lack of or reduction of “screen time” bring you peace and more joyful interactions during Thanksgiving week!

      Most Sincerely,


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  • November Update

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 11/1/2021 7:00:00 AM


    Hello Families,

    Welcome to November!

    Important Dates to Remember:

    No School on: 

    • November 1st- Teacher PD Day
    • November 11th- Veterans Day
    • November 25-26th- Thanksgiving Break

    Early Release Days:

    • November 10th-  12:40pm dismissal for grades K-6
    • November 18th-  12:40pm dismissal for grades K-8
    • November 24th-  Noon dismissal for grade K-8. Lunch is not served today.

    November Has Arrived!

    We have had some amazing fall weather which has provided an abundance of outside time for lunch, recess, and learning opportunities.  The staff and students have the routines down, and are making the most of being outdoors.

    We conducted the fall 2021 Universal Screener to students in grades 3-8 to collect important information about students wellness and social/emotional well being.  The clinical team spent the day today reviewing the data and have identified steps to connect with newly identified students in addition to the 1:1, small group and classroom support they already provide.  I am very proud of the clinical team for making sure they are meeting with all students in need.  The K-2 survey is still being designed, and we hope to administer it soon with all the other K-8 schools.

    The staff PD day was a big success today.  This was due to the fact that staff planned for and led the PD in grades K-8.  We continued learning about differentiation in the content areas, grading for equity in the middle school, and using data to design small group targeted learning.  Staff also had the option to participate in district wide planned PD in all the content areas.  Staff were excited and energized.

    Let's hope for continued beautiful weather and great days of learning ahead.






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  • October Update

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 10/1/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Hello Lawrence Families, 

    Welcome to October!


    Thank you to all the families who were able to participate in the first round of the Principal/PTO forums for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.  We discussed the successful start to the 2021-202 school year, the joy and excitement that staff and students are experiencing each day being together and learning in the building, and the continued important mitigation behaviors that we are following to ensure that all are as safe as they can be while in the building.

    Principal/PTO Forum Recap - September 2021

    These forums are held every other month, generally by grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) and virtually. The schedule rotates among morning/afternoon/evening so that we can try to accommodate as many schedules as possible. These recaps are not comprehensive but aim to give the key highlights. The forums are one important vehicle to learn about what is happening in school and with the PTO.   

    The next forum will be for all families K-8 on Tuesday, November 2nd at 4pm and Superintendent, Dr. Linus Guillory will be with us to meet Lawrence families. This will be a virtual meeting starting at 4pm.  Link to follow.

    PTO Updates

    Principal Update

    • Staff Welcome/Intros: The vice principals and guidance team were introduced. 
      • K-2 Team: Vice Principal Jocelyn Lumley, Guidance counselor Meaghan Monahan
      • 3-5 Team: Vice Principal Laura Horst, Guidance counselor Patrick Brien
      • 6-8 Team: Principal Monica Crowley, Guidance counselor Shaina Martinez
    • Update from the School Nurses
      • Please send in epi-pens and inhalers with the paperwork
      • It is helpful to include symptoms when you email the nurses (please include both nurses on the email)
      • When in doubt, please keep students home and call the nurse
      • Contacts:,
      • Clinic phone 617-879-4304
    • School Update
      • New staff: 
        • Bridget Baird-Francescone - ETF - oversees everything related to special education at Lawrence
        • Sarah Gottfried - Adjustment guidance counselor providing additional support for mental health and social-emotional learning
        • In addition, Laura Basileo has moved to 3rd grade; Deb Mercer is a new 5th grade classroom teacher; Kevin Mackenzie is the new grade six social studies teacher, two new special educators-Raina Weismantel and Jenna Murray, new part-time art teacher Carolyn Vanasse;  2 new PE wellness teachers - Erin Grogan, Colin King
      • Dr Guillory visited Lawrence and classrooms last Friday and met all the students and staff.
      • Upcoming Open houses offer an opportunity to build connections with your student(s) classroom teacher(s). October 7th (grades K-5) and October 14th (grades 6-8). Details will be shared by classroom teachers regarding details and format (in-person or Zoom).
      • Friday Oct 29th - K-2 Halloween Parade at 1:20 PM. Only K-2 to parade on the track, but the rest of staff and students may line up around the field and cheer them on. All staff/students will be asked to wear masks. Families are welcome to attend but asked to distance and masks will be encouragedd.

    Fall Open Houses 

    Another important vehicle that fosters communication is the relationship you build with your children’s teachers.  We are hosting our annual “Open House” meeting this fall.  Grades K-5 will have their open house on Thursday, October 7th and grades 6-8 will host on Thursday, October 14th.  Your child’s teacher will email details if the meeting is in person or will be virtual.  If the meeting is virtual, there will also be an opportunity for parents/guardians to visit the classroom for a brief visit to see your child’s learning space before or after school.

    Learning at Lawrence:

    September and October:  

    Focusing on building positive relationships so every child is known,  feels heard and valued

    -Utilizing the many tools that staff have and that Dr. Dubois in the newly designed staff SEL Toolkit and website.   (Found on the Public Schools of Brookline website.)

    Building learning communities where all students can take learning risks and have their needs met.

    -Working with the new Director of Diversity Equity, Jenee Uttaro, to meet the needs of all students.  Please see the new  PSB Educational Equity Website(Found on the Public Schools of Brookline website.)

    -Lawrence staff is alo continuing our Climate and Culture work started last year as it pertains to Equitable Classroom Practices in grades K-5 and Grading for Equity in grades 6-8

    ​​The Learning Expectations are the curriculum guidelines for all content areas, Grades K-8.  To view the full Learning Expectations for Grades K-8 lease visit Public Schools of Brookline website. 

    Take care,


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  • First Round of Principal/PTO Forums

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 9/27/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Dear Lawrence Families,

    Please join the PTO presidents, some Lawrence staff  and me at the upcoming PTO/Principal Forums.  We will be hosting these virtual gatherings every two months like we did last year to update families on our learning community.  They will be virtual and the time of day will vary to make sure that all parents/ guardians can make some during the year.  

    September Forums:

    Grades K-2:  Tuesday, September 28th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link sent to familes on 9/26

    Grades 3-5:  Wednesday, September 29th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link sent to families on 9/27

    Grades 6-8:  Thursday, September 30th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link sent to families on 9/28

    Take care,


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  • Great Start and PTO/Principal Forums

    Posted by Monica Crowley on 9/17/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Dear Lawrence Families,

    I hope all is well.  We have been in school for almost three weeks, and it has been a positive and productive start to the school year.  We have had many holidays during the first few weeks, and I look forward to a run of full, five day weeks ahead.

    I hope your child/ren are enjoying the start of school and feel excited to be back in the building.  The energy has been so joyful and uplifting.  Their smiles and desire to learn make each day a delight and so rewarding.

    Please join me and other Lawrence staff at the upcoming PTO/Principal Forums.  We will be hosting these virtual gatherings every two months like we did last year to update families on our learning community.  They will be virtual and the time of day will vary to make sure that all parents/ guardians can make some during the year.  

    September Forums:

    Grades K-2:  Tuesday, September 28th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link to follow.

    Grades 3-5:  Wednesday, September 29th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link to follow.

    Grades 6-8:  Thursday, September 30th 8:15-9:15am-Virtual Meeting:  Link to follow.

    Take care,


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