Baker School has a wide variety of staff on hand to provide a full range of services for our students: 
    Student Services    
    Name Role Email (@psbma.org)
    Ellyn Mulock School Nurse ellyn_mulock
    Diane Purcell School Nurse diane_purcell
    Katy Sazama School Counselor 6-8 katy_sazama
    Jeanette Sergeant School Counselor 3-5 jeanette_sergeant
    Alexa Cuff School Counselor K-2 alexa_cuff
    Bernadette Russomano Psychologist bernadette_russomano
    Shelby Sullivan Psychologist shelby_sullivan
    Latia Van Loan School Adjustment Counselor latia_vanloan
    Alison Henry Education Team Facilitator  alison_henry
    Learning Centers    
    Name Grade Level Email (@psbma.org)
    Brianna Fraser LC K-2 brianna_fraser
    Danielle Baker LC K-3 danielle_baker
    Robert Mulvey LC 3-4 robert_mulvey
    Megan Doeg LC 4-5 megan_doeg
    Danielle Nathanson LC 5 danielle_nathanson
    Kristen Peterson LC 6 kristen_peterson
    Daniel O'Brien LC 7 daniel_obrien
    Emily Mosca LC 8 emily_mosca
    Speech & OT    
    Name Role Email (@psbma.org)
    Anne Nasson Occupational Therapist (OT) anne_nasson
    Erica Melmed Speech K-4 erica_melmed
    Russ Morin Speech K-8 russell_morin
    Denise London Speech 4-8 denise_london